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Thursday, August 3, 2017


When you get older, you think about things like when will your life begin to decline.  Clearly I'm not physically as able anymore, and my mental capabilities surely must have diminished.  However, I'll be 77 next month, and this past year has, amazingly enough, been the best of my life.

But what does best mean?  I've certainly not accomplished anything of importance, nor made any new meaningful relationship.  A case can be made that I'm in a rut...or blissful groove.  Your goals change with time, and my current priorities are cuisine, comfort and happiness.

When you reach my stage of life, people say that health is almost everything.  However, your state of mind could well be even more important.  I provided a hint of all that less than a month ago with a posting on Life is Wonderful.  Then you can get really analytical and turn to experts, as to the right.  But I prefer simplicity.

So why is my life now optimal?  First, I underwent cataract surgery on both of my eyes last summer, and for the first time since I can remember, now that my vision is 20-20, I don't need to wear glasses when I drive or when I go to a movie theater.  Five years ago I actually spent $5000 for hearing aids from Costco.  Then last year I underwent  a hearing test at 15 Craigside and my hearing is fine.  

I now walk 18 holes on a golf course two or three times/week, which says a lot about my physical condition, for my knees don't hurt, my blood pressure does not get too low now and my weight dropped from a high of 167 (when I returned from my latest global adventure--a Body Mass Index of 26, slightly overweight) to 157 (24.5 BMI--higher end of normal range) yesterday.  My blog has repeated on several occasions that people who are overweight live longer than those of normal BMI.  Underweight people in any age category die earliest.  (I've added the widget for BMI towards the bottom in the column to the right.  For Americans, change the kg to lb and metres to inches.  Type in your weight and height and click on calculate.)

In any case, both my personal doctor and my neighbor, who is a practicing physician, say that it's better to be of normal weight than not, so by being in the high end of normality--24.5--I'm playing it safe.  But the real reason why I walk on a golf course is to control my weight at a level where I can eat and drink whatever I want.

I've noticed that years ending with 2 and 9 have been monumental for me:
  • 1962  graduated from Stanford with a chemical engineering  and met/married Pearl
  • 1972  earned a PhD in biochemical engineering from LSU and began teaching at the University of Hawaii
  • 1979  went to work for the U.S. Senate and drafted original legislation for OTEC and Hydrogen
  • 1982  returned to Hawaii to help create the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research and become director of the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
  • 1992  hired the crew that succeeded with the open cycle OTEC experiment at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii and developed the concept for the Blue Revolution
  • 1999  retired from the University of Hawaii
  • 2009  Pearl passed away
So 2016-7 should not have been significant, but it has been.  Best this time could mean enjoyable, for:
  • I took to heart a theme here at 15 Craigside, Live Life Your Way...which I did by resigning from all my chairmanships, a decision that made me a very happy person, relieving stress and reducing inflammation
What a year!  I'm particularly looking forward to October when I will be making two presentations to MENSA for their Regional Gathering on Prodigies in Paradise, for I will be giving away all my ideas for anyone to get rich and/or famous.  Then I can rest in peace.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 10 points to 22,026, yet again breaking its all-time record.  However, the Trump collusion with Russia rumor is gaining traction, and a showdown soon looms among PUS #45, the U.S. Congress and Robert Mueller.

Typhoon Noru has weakened down to 85 MPH, but will strengthen into a Category 2, with an expectation of the eye swinging north a little east of previous projections, making landfall on the west side of Kyushu, easing by east of Nagasaki and crossing over southern Honshu before ending up in the Sea of Japan:

Severe damage can be expected.


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