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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Okay, I know I don't really live in Purgatory, but, I might be wrong.  Various postings have hinted about my fantasy life in this advanced stage of ascension, and they all seem to be linked to 15 Craigside.

Tuesday night I won at poker for the third straight time, a bit of an improvement after a long losing streak.   I usually play on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7-9:30PM, and winning or losing is not important at all, for we are mostly laughing during these sessions.

MWF I usually walk 18 holes on the Ala Wai Golf Course, and generally succeed in doing this twice/week.  I have developed a routine that avoids the extremely low blood pressures that bedeviled me for the past few years by now having an extravagant breakfast, and waiting two hours before I tee off.  I spend this period cranking out my blog.  Breakfast yesterday featured a piece of that $50/pound chu-toro, fried, with two eggs over easy.  I also recently purchased what seems to be the ideal glass for 2 ounces of sake, heated in a microwave oven to 150 F:

Note the elegance  of the sake glass.  I'll have to do something about the  beer and cold green tea.  I actually drink only a third of those bottles/breakfast.  I have recently been able to obtain natto from the dining room, which I vigorously mix with light additions of shoyu, karashi mustard and wasabi.  I  of course make my own hi-tech tsukemono:

I only recently got into natto because it is supposed to be good for your health, if you believe  in probiotic mumbo jumbo.  A second reason is that natto once smelled terrible, and is now not bad, but still gooey.  

Then my 18-hole walk, which is close to being an ordeal, but allows me to maintain a desirable weight range, meaning that I can eat and drink whatever I want.  I also enjoy a bath with an alcoholic beverage after returning home.  My blood pressure after all that is normally around 115/65.

Then on to the Wednesday night table, where we had wine and beer with some snacks, followed by an Ox-Tail Soup which I ordered from our menu.  I added some mozzarella cheese to see how that would improve the concoction.  Not bad:

I also need to show a photo of Robert Masuda, who was a colleague of mine at the University of Hawaii.   He is on the tables I join for Mondays and Thursdays.  He took over the chairmanship of the 15C Dining Committee and by doing so not only lengthened my life expectancy, but  thusly allowed me to Live Life My Way:

Purgatory doesn't mean no pain.  I went through the process of capping a tooth today, so I had to miss lunch.  I did, though, find a partner for that above sake glass.  I simply had to look at my collection of drinking glasses, and found:

The other day the Chinese Swallowtail Butterfly again appeared in my indoor herb/citrus garden.  While the logical reason is because I recently purchased a new lime tree, one can also imagine this corner of the world being the spontaneous generation spot for this insect:

Amazingly enough, next to my lime tree were three blooms of honohono orchids.

You need to appreciate that I buy these orchids in March, for the beauty and fragrance, and, no matter  what I do, in the past they died before blooming again.  Thus, this is my first actual re-bloom, and way out of season.  A similar first occurred in May, for I actually got a cattleya re-bloom from two different varieties.

In consideration of the Chinese Swallowtail Butterfly, Honohono and Cattleya, how can this not be Purgatory?  It not that, then what about the first two photos from my brand new iPhone 7:

Finally, interesting that I averaged around 350 viewers/day until a few months ago when the readership jumped for reasons I can't explain.  The daily pings are now more than 2000, and just today, the monthly total hit an all-time high of 71,383, or 2300/day.  Perhaps my recent around the world adventure was the trigger, but the two most popular postings since then were Who is Marni Nixon? and High Tech Methods to Trim Your Finger and Toe Nails.  Maybe it is the eclectic esoterica...or my continuing shelling of our 45th PUS (President of the United States).

Tomorrow, for sure, I begin my two-part posting on Donald Trump / Mike Pence - Robert Mueller III / Al Gore and my projection of the subsequently logical winner of the 2020 presidential election.   I specifically don't say POTUS #46 because Donald Trump seems on an indubitable path of resigning before then.


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