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Sunday, August 13, 2017


I rarely have very long dreams I can remember in the morning.  I don't recall ever having a dream related to religion or terrorism, until last night.  Plus this dream I had, if my mind is not totaling failing me, really occurred over several days, and, maybe weeks.  While I have few recurring ones, they just keep repeating, never being blended into a culmination.

Early in May I posted on three dreams I had, and the following day provided some statistics on the subject.  However, the grand dream I've ever had, with a lot of color, futuristic visions and meaning, was published in The Huffington Post, entitled Suicide Dreams

This most recent one was dark, environmentally and textually, and in two seemingly unrelated streams.  One had a terrorism link, while the other something closer to religion, but more, perhaps an effort to put the human back into humanity.

Let me begin with a rather innocent lecture being provided by a kind of cult figure sending love and thanks to water.  All this goes back more than a quarter century ago when a PhD graduate in biotechnology from Tokyo University spent some time at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute.  When he returned to Japan, he suddenly shifted his career to helping this leader in his quest to appreciate water.  Much of this led to a more global attempt, which I today found on the world wide web:

Synchronistory is a live “Global Selfie”, an epic television event of the future. Its intention is to create a globally simulcast celebration of our Multicultural Face from Past to Present, in a Benefit for Mankind; an event of the people for the people, birthed from creativity not catastrophe. A stunning educational-entertainment experience (“edutainment”) about who on earth we all are, and of such vast scope, might awe us by the very doing and in so doing inspire change (economic, environmental, social and political) borne of conscious thought, unimagined possibility and conscientious action.

As this blog site is all about Planet Earth and Humanity, that interested me.  So, anyway, my wife, Pearl, who is alive in this dream, leading me to think that much of what happened occurred a long time ago and not today, wanted to attend this lecture, but with someone.  That turned out to be with me.  So we were approaching the sign-in desk when a group of individuals, all in dark suits, came up to the two of us, really happy that we were there.  Not sure if the warmth was more for my wife or me.  She was the one related to that group because when that post-doc was in Hawaii, she sympathized with his future wishes about shifting career.

I don't remember the lecture at all, but at one point 20 of us were walking through a huge concrete walkway--as you might do so in a sporting arena or airport.  At this point, I need to return to the other thread, the possible terrorist organization.

Here I was in my office on the Manoa Campus of the University of Hawaii.  When I looked outside my office I could see six to eight individuals, all somehow linked to the School of Ocean and Earth Technology.  They kind of looked familiar and appeared to have originally been from the Middle East.  I have several friends from India, but I think they are all Hindu.  I'm not sure if I am acquainted with anyone on campus of Islamic faith.  

For no reason that I can imagine, one of them pointed at me, sort of, don't stare at us.  I mean, where else can I look if I'm not doing actual work in my room.  Another scene had me walking on campus and I saw them again.  Clearly they were unhappy with me about something.  Interestingly enough, if this happened to me today, I would be in high anxiety.  Why I don't know, but I wasn't concerned at all.

So these two dreams came together at the end, where the group from the lecture walked past this Manoa Campus gang.  They stopped and began lunging at me in anger.  So "my" group of dark suited individuals protected me.  A fight broke out and I remember yelling, arrest him, he is a terrorist...and him and him.  In a flash, my memory is of three of them being confined, then, later, a dozen more arrested, with the suited group becoming the heroes.  The authorities raided the homes of the "terrorists" and found weapons and more than a hundred bombs.  Me?  No one asked to see me.  I sort of was left untouched, which is typical for my dreams.  I have found myself a number of times escaping in ingenious ways, and for my standard nightmare where I'm sitting in boxing corner awaiting my doom when the bell never does.

What did this all mean?  I don't know.  Perhaps it is symptomatic of all that Donald Trump is fomenting.  Maybe I do this to gain attention, for my posting on CAN YOU GET VIVID DREAMS WITH GARCENIA CAMBOGIA (I hate it when my computer keeps changing this to GARDENIA CAMBODIA) regularly returns into the top ten as the most read article of the day.  Here is another one on NIGHTMARISH DREAMS.  

The bottom line is that I have so few pleasant dreams.  According to a Gallup poll, only 1 in 9 say they dream at night, but three quarters of those who sleep well have good dreams.  Further, and this makes no sense to me, bad dreams occur for:
  • 28%  nightly dreamers
  •   9%  only a few times/week
  • 18%  who rarely dream
Clearly, I need to find a way to sleep well.


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