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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'll keep this Pacific temperature map at the top to underscore that two storms are now approaching Hawaii. However, as explained below, models are optimistic that Hawaii should not be affected. Now, on to Barbados.

The left blue in the flag of Barbados represents the sky, with gold for sand and right blue for the sea. The trident is symbolic of independence from England. The three points stand for government of, for and by the people.

That tiny island (about 2.5 times larger than D.C.) on the right above Venezuela is Barbados. The island is speculated to have been inhabited as early as 1600 BC. Regarding the conquering Europeans, the Spanish came first in the early 1500’s and took some of the Caribs as slaves. When the Portuguese later arrived in the island it was uninhabited. They did leave some pigs.

The British established the first colony in 1627. Sugar became the crop of choice. Slaves from Africa were imported and the population became 90% black, although there were also gypsy and other nomadic slaves. In 1720 the population was 182,000. Slaves were exported to the U.S.. but the general practice was abolished in 1834.

Independence was attained in 1966, becoming a parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth, thus making Queen Elizabeth II the chief of state. The capital is Bridgetown. The current population is 285,000, of which 90% remain black, and the GDP/capita is $19,300.

Interested in going there? Well, there is the Crop Over Festival, once used to celebrate the end of the cane season. While the industry declined, the event was restored, and occurs from July 22 into the first week of August, featuring calypso music, Cohobblopot and the Grand Kadooment. Click on I should mention that even I've been to Barbados, on a Royal Caribbean Cruise stop, and don't remember seeing anything like these two pictures.


The Dow Jones Industrials surged 257 (+3%) to 8616, and world markets also significantly increased. Likewise, crude oil jumped to nearly $62/barrel and gold went up $14 to $940/toz.


Hurricane Carlos was downgraded from a Category 2 to a 1, now at "only" 85 MPH, and is further expected to weaken as it continues to move to a point sufficiently South of the Big Island, according to most models. However, Hurricane Iniki while on a straight path West and sufficiently South of Hawaii, made a sudden 90 degree turn to the North, devastated Kauai and continued to move North. So these models are not perfect. However, that was 1992, and our scientists have hopefully had 17 years to improve their art. Plus, the trade winds should strengthen over the next few days and help to keep Carlos as South as possible. Oh, yes, that second disturbance is now Tropical Storm Dolores at 40 MPH. But Dolores (see temperature map at the top) is expected to move west northwest over the next few days into cooler waters and diminish in strength.



Anonymous said...

Pat: I think you are right that writing about it will help. Let us know if there is anything we can do. We are pulling for you both.

Patrick Kenji Takahashi said...

Appreciate your thoughts, Dan. Come over for a drink and chat.

Anonymous said...

i didnt read anything up there but i figured ide say something and put an anonymous word out there in respect to the NWO(New World Order).
If population enslavement is the answer to healing the planet then go for it. if not get ready for a fight.