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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Most tell me that my daily blogs are too long.  Today, I will keep it short, and, hopefully, compelling.  

I've been like most scientists/engineers about climate change:  yes, the signs are pretty convincing that something serious is happening, but yet we somewhat waffle about taking major steps, like a significant carbon tax.  Some of us worry about the then possible economic turmoil this might create.  

Well, Tom Burnett referred me today to the following site:

The video is simple, if not goofy, but makes sense.  Simply, the risks are too great not to take monumental steps, for, let's say, a major carbon tax is adopted and climate change scientists are dead wrong, where our atmosphere does not significantly warm.  The worst that will happen will be further economic troubles, for a longer while.  However, if they are right, and decision makers don't take action, we will be doomed:  absolute economic, political and life collapse.  The clip is almost ten minutes long, but has already been visited more than 3 million times.  This needs to be multiplied by a 100, so if you agree with the message, send it to your friends, enemies and, perhaps, even decision-makers.

To be more specific, I recommend a 5 cents/pound carbon dioxide tax, or to ease the pain, call it a credit, although it means the same thing.  Forget cap and trade and ignore the anti-logic of fossil fuel companies and many Republicans, for can you really believe them over conscientious and mostly trustworthy PhD scientists?  The box (WE MUST TAKE ACTION ON GLOBAL WARMING NOW!) on the right provides additional information if you can afford the time.  Many make fun of him, but maybe Al Gore is right!

The Dow Jones Industrials stayed positive for most of the day, then declined 113 to 10,024, while world markets mostly fell.  The Japan Nikkei is now down to 9633.  Gold went up $13/toz to $1227 and oil is now at $72/barrel.
The hurricane season started today for the USA, and already there is a disturbance in the East Pacific (meaning between Hawaii and Central America), Tropical Storm Agatha from the Pacific crossed over the Yucatan Peninsula and could head to Florida or the Gulf oil spill, and Tropical Cyclone Phet, already at 110 MPH, is expected to reach Category 4 strength, threatening Pakistan and India.


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