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Sunday, September 16, 2012


A bonbon can be a french candy, but it is also something small  but pleasing or noteworthy in a frivolous way.

1.  Yesterday, I had a Saturday bonbon, largely about Kate and Harry.  Mentioned was French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler and her suit about a bikini photo.  Not sure which was the controversial shot, but here are two.  Not sure what is the problem, but maybe there is a another one worthy of ire.

2.  Speaking of the British, the Federal Reserve Board this week launched QEIII.  No, they did not dedicate the ship to replace the QEII (to function as a hotel in Dubai), which was de-commissioned in 2008.  For the record, QEIII (although, the best as I can tell, they merely call it the Queen Elizabeth) Cunard's latest, is three times the size of the Titanic and has 16 decks.  What's particularly confusing is that their aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth was retired in 1948, and their newest, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, will be operational in 2016, then the British will have two Queen Elizabeth's plying the oceans.  If there ever is to be a Queen Elizabeth III, as queen, she hasn't yet been born.  For the record, the QEIII mentioned above stands for quantitative easing, and III, because this the the third stage of our Federal government printing money, this time to purchase $40 billion/month of mortgage bonds from the big banks.  How this works is that interest rates will fall even further, making it easier to borrow money.  While the Fed is independent of the White House, Ben Bernanke has effectively insured that the economy remains okay through November 6.

3.  Sticking to England, Big Ben Tower is now officially known as the Queen Elizabeth Tower.  However, no big deal, as the change was from Clock Tower, with Big Ben remaining as the name of the clock on the tower.

4.  Not quite British, but sitting at my computer viewing Honolulu today,  I contemplated walking the Kapolei Golf Course (photo below, with the event just to the left of that mountain in the background) today to watch the Champions Tour.    Famous golfers can join this group when they turn 50.  Hard to believe they are that old, but Vijay Singh and Davis Love III can become members next year.

5.  I went to visit my dentist this week, Owen Kawakami.  As I anticipated some pain to come, I noticed on the wall:


Anonymous said...

From a Brit: Big Ben is NOT the name of the clock on the Palace Of Westminster tower (Queen Elizabeth tower) it IS the name of the BELL that is struck inside the tower.


Thank you very much. Yes, Big Ben is not the clock but the bell.