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Monday, September 3, 2012


On this Labor Day, Maru, a Japanese cat, is taking it easy above.  Here is Part 2 of offbeat items from the September issue of WIRED:

1.  Last week I posted on the 100 most viewed videos of all time.  Justin Bieber is approaching a billion, but Maru has been pinged 170 million times.  Can't imagine why.

3.  Anyone know what this is?  Hint:  it is called the Dyson Ball:

That is a vacuum cleaner.

4.  Ever heard of a vegan egg yolk?  A vegan doesn't eat any animals products.  Called the Vegg, it is a mixture of yeast with black salt (a purplish rock salt from India), plus some beta carotene to provide a red-orange color and alginate (seaweed extract) to serve as a thickener.  It reportedly has the consistency and taste of a real egg yolk.  Rocky Shepheard is now working on the whole egg.

5.  These are Tide pods:

This is the next generation detergent for washing your clothes.  Careful, though, as, already, more than a thousand youngsters ate it, thinking it was candy.  The problem is that it comes in what looks like a candy jar:

They are poisonous, and contain polyvinyl alcohol, fatty acid salts, alcoholethoxy sulfate, disodium distyrl-viphenyl disulfonate, mannanase, termamyl, natalase, xylo-gluccanase, subtilisin, diethylene-triamine pentaacetate sodium and calcium formate.  As terrible as this sounds, I've cornered myself into ingesting Kellogg's fruity snacks, for I bought I whole boxful at Costco when my personal study into high blood pressure showed that mine jumps when I get hungry.  So I bring a small package when I golf.  I happened to read the ingredients one day and, in addition to the usual fruits, acids and vitamins, it has carnauba wax (which is also good for polishing your car), yellow dye #5, red dye #40, sodium citrate, blue dye #1 and a trivial amount of fat (their term).  Gummy bears (yes, I also have a box of them too) contain almost exactly the same additives.  The Tide pods I don't consume.  These fruit pods I unfortunately do.  I have more than 50 left.

6.  Insects are being touted to replace beef/pork/chicken for protein because these entomological farms would generate only 10% the methane of livestock.  You say you don't particularly like the taste and ooginess of insects?  Already, apple butter, legally, can contain up to five whole insects per 100 grams (less than a quarter pound).  From a Phuket market:

If you're grossed out, keep in mind that this could remediate global warming.  Read about THE VENUS SYNDROME!


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