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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Blue Revolution Hawaii (BRH) was formed last year to advocate the ocean as the next frontier for economic development, but in harmony with the marine environment.  In fact, there are theories that the utilization of ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) could well enhance the atmosphere, as there is additional potential to remediate global warming and prevent the formation of hurricanes.  Click on a short video clip  making a case for OTEC.  Ted Johnson provided a tutorial on this technology when he previously led the Lockheed Martin team advancing this field.  Watch a nearly half an hour interview on this system by Life of the Land, featuring Henry Curtis and Dr. Johnson.

The International Space Station (ISS) will cost something like $150 billion to explore outer space as the regime for new enterprises.  Although valiant efforts are being extended to continue the effort, unfortunately, the economics of this all point to a slow abandonment of this expensive and well meaning experiment.  The primary effort of BRH is to draw together an international partnership to initiate the Blue Revolution on the Pacific International Ocean Station (PIOS), a more sensible and economically feasible adventure.  We have projected the initial cost to prove the concept at 1% that of ISS.

I participated in the Seasteading Institutes' (SI) June conference in San Francisco, and was impressed with the breadth and progress shown by this libertarian-leaning organization inspired by Patri Friedman (right) and Peter Thiel (left).  As our government and that of most of world are in advanced stages of being nearly useless, we can use some innovation on how best to optimize the future of humanity.  I recently saw a draft report from SI on BRH and PIOS. I'll feature this focus when it becomes official.

There are some early signs that the Japanese government is finally beginning to consider the ocean as an important component of their desperation to overcome Fukushima.  They need to expand this thinking by a factor of ten.  I made a personal appeal to the richest man in Japan, Masayoshi Son, but, got no response.  Sadly, he is focusing on electricity from the winds and the sun, in a country that doesn't have much of either.  Could be that this attitude is hurting him, as he might now be #3.

So where is the Blue Revolution in  Googleland?  Japan?  Well, you get a CD by Mari Hamada.  But, perhaps, this could be the uniting song for a Japan-U.S. partnership?  USA?  A site to purchase American Blue Coat Revolutionary Mesh Hats.   Europe?  Try twitter and you get something about radio production.  You Tube?  Blue Hair.  Catchy song, though.  China?  Jeremy Lin's uniform, which was Knick's blue.  He got traded to the Houston Rockets, which goes with red, so maybe this will be an even bigger hit, for Chinese athletes wear red.  But so much on a global search for the Blue Revolution.  Well, this will take time.  It has only been a of couple decades since first dreamt.

There are two hurricanes in the Atlantic, Leslie to threaten Bermuda and move north towards Nova Scotia, and Michael, further north and east, but also projected to head for Canada.


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