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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I've recently reported that butter, dairy products, and even avocado, might be bad for your diet.  So let me today indicate that coffee could well be very good for your health.

In addition to what some of you already know that a cup of coffee can make you more alert, improve your mood and enhance one's energy, coffee:

1.  Eases pain:  while this study only was performed on 48 people in Norway, there might be something to this announcement.

2.  Delays the onset of Alzheimer's Disease:  three cups of 8 ounce coffee are recommended.  Of course, as they're related, Parkinson's and dementia can be delayed.  Mind you, this is around 500 mg, which, to me, is awfully high.  It defies any logic that two and a half bottles per day of Five Hour Energy can be good for anyone.  (See below for how much caffeine is in what you drink.)

3.  Contains caffeine, which promotes muscle growth:  a study of athletes showed positive effects.  A second investigation also indicated that caffeine even helps the elderly.  Hinted was the reduced risk of death.  It would not surprise me if children are more and more encouraged to drink coffee, for coffee...

4.  ....does not stunt growth in young people.

5.  Reduces incidence of type 2 diabetes.

6.  Prevents certain cancers.  Tea and chocolates also appear to provide benefits.

7.  Aids in treating heart and circulatory problems, and might prevent strokes.  Like two glasses of red wine are good for you, this article indicates that two cups of coffee are recommended daily.

8.  Possibly due to all the above, increases your life expectancy.

It appears that caffeine is beneficial in your diet, but, more so, coffee has several bioactive compounds that act as antioxidants to reduce inflammation and regulate insulin.   At one time caffeine was on the no-no level of nicotine from smoking.  Not anymore.

Should you have your coffee with sugar and cream?  Except to the purist, the taste is certainly enhanced with these additives.  In fact, it's interesting to note that both coffee and tea have pleasing aromas, but, for reasons I can't explain, coffee tastes mostly bitter, while tea tastes like it smells.  I've thus over the past few decades been exploring if there can be some genetic means to coax that absent coffee taste from the bean.  In any case, with respect to that question, it is medically deemed advisable to avoid the sugar (calories) and cream/milk (there seems to be a diminution of health benefits with this "contaminant").  I'll later post a similar article on tea, which is is nearly 20 times more popular globally than coffee.

One serious warning, though, is that if you are over 70 or overweight, caffeine can significantly increase your blood pressure!  This condition especially affects anyone who does not drink much coffee.  Your body actually gets accustomed to caffeine if you are a regular consumer.  If you're pregnant, don't drink coffee.  Coffee does stain your teeth.  Of course, if you want to sleep, pass on that triple expresso.

Caffeine in drinks:
CoffeesServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Coffee, generic brewed8 oz.133 (range: 102-200) (16 oz. = 266)
Coffee, generic instant8 oz.93 (range: 27-173)
Coffee, generic decaffeinated8 oz.5 (range: 3-12)
Starbucks Brewed Coffee (Grande)16 oz.320
Einstein Bros. regular coffee16 oz.300
Dunkin' Donuts regular coffee16 oz.206
Starbucks Vanilla Latte (Grande)16 oz.150
Starbucks Espresso, doppio2 oz.150
Starbucks Frappuccino Blended Coffee Beverages, average9.5 oz.115
Starbucks Espresso, solo1 oz.75
Einstein Bros. Espresso1 oz.75
Espresso, generic1 oz.40 (range: 30-90)
Starbucks Espresso decaffeinated1 oz.4
TeasServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Tea, brewed8 oz.53 (range: 40-120)
Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte (Grande)16 oz.100
Snapple, Lemon (and diet version)16 oz.42
Snapple, Peach (and diet version)16 oz.42
Snapple Raspberry (and diet version)16 oz.42
Arizona Iced Tea, black16 oz.32
Nestea12 oz.26
Snapple, Just Plain Unsweetened16 oz.18
Arizona Iced Tea, green16 oz.15
Snapple, Kiwi Teawi16 oz.10
Soft DrinksServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
FDA official limit for cola and pepper soft drinks12 oz.71 (200 parts per million)
Vault12 oz.71 (20 oz. = 118)
Jolt Cola12 oz.72
Mountain Dew MDX, regular or diet12 oz.71 (20 oz. = 118)
Coke Blak12 oz.69 (20 oz. = 115)
Coke Red, regular or diet12 oz.54 (20 oz. = 90)
Mountain Dew, regular or diet12 oz.54 (20 oz. = 90)
Pepsi One12 oz.54 (20 oz. = 90)
Mellow Yellow12 oz.53
Diet Coke12 oz.47 (20 oz. = 78)
Diet Coke Lime12 oz.47 (20 oz. = 78)
TAB12 oz.46.5
Pibb Xtra, Diet Mr. Pibb, Pibb Zero12 oz.41 (20 oz. = 68)
Dr. Pepper12 oz.42 (20 oz. = 68)
Dr. Pepper diet12 oz.44 (20 oz. = 68)
Pepsi12 oz.38 (20 oz. = 63)
Pepsi Lime, regular or Diet12 oz.38 (20 oz. = 63)
Pepsi Vanilla12 oz.37
Pepsi Twist12 oz.38 (20 oz. = 63)
Pepsi Wild Cherry, regular or diet12 oz.38 (20 oz. = 63)
Diet Pepsi12 oz.36 (20 oz. = 60)
Pepsi Twist, diet12 oz.36 (20 oz. = 60)
Coca-Cola Classic12 oz.35 (20 oz. = 58)
Coke Black Cherry Vanilla, regular or diet12 oz.35 (20 oz. = 58)
Coke C212 oz.35 (20 oz. = 58)
Coke Cherry, regular or diet12 oz.35 (20 oz. = 58)
Coke Lime12 oz.35 (20 oz. = 58)
Coke Vanilla12 oz.35 (20 oz. = 58)
Coke Zero12 oz.35 (20 oz. = 58)
Barq's Diet Root Beer12 oz.0
Barq's Root Beer12 oz.22 (20 oz. = 38)
7-Up, regular or diet12 oz.0
Fanta, all flavors12 oz.0
Fresca, all flavors12 oz.0
Mug Root Beer, regular or diet12 oz.0
Sierra Mist, regular or free12 oz.0
Sprite, regular or diet12 oz.0
Energy DrinksServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Spike Shooter8.4 oz.300
Cocaine8.4 oz.288
5-Hour Energy1.93 oz.207
Monster Energy16 oz.160
Full Throttle16 oz.144
Rip It, all varieties8 oz.100
Enviga12 oz.100
Tab Energy10.5 oz.95
SoBe No Fear8 oz.83
Red Bull8.3 oz.80
Red Bull Sugarfree8.3 oz..80
Rockstar Energy Drink8 oz.80
SoBe Adrenaline Rush8.3 oz.79
Amp16 oz.143
Glaceau Vitamin Water Energy Tropical Citrus20 oz.50
SoBe Essential Energy, Berry or Orange8 oz.48
Frozen DessertsServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch8 fl. oz.84
Ben & Jerry's Coffee Flavored Ice Cream8 fl. oz.68
Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream8 fl. oz.58
Haagen-Dazs Coffee Light Ice Cream8 fl. oz.58
Haagen-Dazs Coffee Frozen Yogurt8 fl. oz.58
Haagen-Dazs Coffee & Almond Crunch Bar8 fl. oz.58
Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream8 fl. oz.50-60
Chocolates/Candies/OtherServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Jolt Caffeinated Gum1 stick33
Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar1.45 oz.31
Hershey's Chocolate Bar1.55 oz.9
Hershey's Kisses41g (9 pieces)9
Hot Cocoa8 oz.9 (range: 3-13)
Over-The-Counter DrugsServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
NoDoz (Maximum Strength)1 tablet200
Vivarin1 tablet200
Excedrin (Extra Strength)2 tablets130
Anacin (Maximum Strength)2 tablets64


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