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Saturday, September 1, 2012


This is the first weekend of college football.  I'm spending the next few days at home watching my 55 inch 3D TV.  Unfortunately, there are no games being televised in this format.  However, there is a simulated 3D option that is better than nothing.  But, those goggles are way too uncomfortable.  I'll have a decision to make.  If the Olympics were an indicator (these were in 3D), then I'll skip this special effect.

The two games of noteworthiness are Michigan and Alabama in Texas, and Boise State at Michigan State (the latter team won last night).  A third, Hawaii versus USC, is a gross mismatch on national TV (ESPN), giving away 41 points, and the question is, will the Trojans, the #1 rated AP team, win by 50 or 60 or more?  Their coach, Lane Kiffen is noted to run up scores.  I might note that Penn State will lose to Ohio at State College.

The undefeated Rainbow wahine volleyball team also has a tournament for three nights against San Francisco (we won last night), Baylor and Cal-Berkeley.  They already beat Stanford last week and UCLA comes into town next week.  You just got to see Jane Croson serve.

Later this fall, the Hawaii women basketball team brings in against Stanford, then Baylor (that's Brittney Griner, who, last time I checked, was still 6 feet 8 inches tall), the two best in the country.  I don't quite understand these suicidal tendencies.  Actually I do, but that is for another day on a different subject.  Gib Arnold, coach of our basketball team, however, starts with Maryland, Arkansas and Houston, but, more specifically, Maryland-Eastern Shore, Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Houston Baptist.  Now that is somewhat embarrassing, but a heck of a lot better than the other nonsense.

For a head start, I went to Teddy's Bigger Burgers and ordered their largest (9 ounces) original plus a side of onion rings, for $12.  The burger was great, with a real beef taste.  It is made on order, which is good and bad.  I wasn't sure what the orderer said, but I heard either two or twenty minutes.  After many two minute periods, which means 20 minutes might have been the correct time, I rushed home to have this feast with 500 ml of Bitburger.  No, not another hamburger, but a German beer.  Nine ounces of meat are too much in one sandwich, and the onion rings were too doughy.  The company started in 1998 (I think that's Ted to the left) in Hawaii, and now has 9 establishments, with one in Woodinville, Washington, and another in Tokyo (Shibuya), Japan.

I purchased half a pound of garlic chips from Foodland for a bit over two bucks.  This is a terrific value, which I highly recommend, found at their live food counter.  Add some rice chips, Hawaiian poke, Zippy's chile, small piece of rib eye and Polish dog plus mini-baguette, a large bottle of Kosher Dills, two kinds of blue cheese and an assortment of nuts, to go with my giant assortment of beverages, and you have a relatively low-diacetyl series of snacks to last me through Labor Day.  So much for calories, salt and cholesterol.

I yesterday provided some details on our current blue moon.  Here it is setting over Blue Honolulu this morning when I awoke:

As you know, a blue moon is rarely blue (it is, sometimes, when there are particulates in the air).


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