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Friday, September 28, 2012


It was not too long ago that Honolulu at night was blue, for the lights were mercury vapor.  The first album of the Beamer brothers was entitled Honolulu City Lights and released in 1978.  But the the city was already transitioning to orange, sodium vapor lights.  Today, at night, Honolulu is not blue, but orange:

Hawaii became associated with the color blue mostly because of our blue waters.  Here is my island, Oahu, by NASA (above).

Perhaps Blue Hawaii became popular from the song by Bing Crosby from the 1937 film, "Waikiki Wedding."  That clip shows Martha Raye when she actually was good looking.  But the version I sing in karoake bars is by Elvis Presley, from the movie "Blue Hawaii," which in 1962 debuted on the island of Kauai, where it was filmed.

The following year, Pearl and I moved to Kilauea, Kauai, where much of our night life centered around the Coco Palms, the wedding scene from the movie from Blue Hawaii.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Iniki 20 years ago devastated the island, including this hotel, and it remains closed, regularly announced to be restored.  They will celebrate the 50th anniversary of this film on Saturday (tomorrow5:30-9:30PM) at the Kauai Marriott Resort if you're interested.  I would have been tempted to fly over to Lihue for that event, but, alas, I have a series of gustatorial treats at the the Waialae Golf Course Clubhouse and Kahala Hotel, where Chaine de Rotisseurs, first formed in 1248, celebrates our annual Hawaii gathering.  My posting this weekend will provide a few details.


Once Super Typhoon Jelawat is now down to a Category 3 at 120 MPH, but will only be a tropical storm when the eye floats over Tokyo early Monday morning.  Jelawat went right through Naha, but there seem to be no reports of much damage.


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