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Monday, September 24, 2012


Today my intent was to report on either heavy ion or cold fusion.  However, my 24-hour day as a Waikiki tourist did not end until 1PM today.  Scroll down to my Hawaii Five-0 experience and a wagyu dinner at the Moana.  Anyway, I had a great 9 hour sleep last night, something I try to do a lot, but only succeed once a month.  I then picked up some buffet breakfast food (free), and had the best brunch I've had since my $60 Japanese breakfast at the Four Seasons Hualalai.

That's the award winning Stanford Alumni 2002 Ventana Gold Stripe Chardonnay, something I've been keeping just this type of occasion.  While chardonnays are generally drunk early, this decade old bottle was just perfect with an eggs benedict topped with salsa and pesto, accompanied by a Portuguese sausage and fried white fish, with  hash brown potatoes and two croissants.  

I then decided to go swimming on Waikiki Beach, my second time in twenty years.

My shorts were slipping, but, hey, I'm not experienced at this.  Then, on my way to my car parked at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel, I just had to take the following photo:

I'll end with some photos sent by David Ikegami, hot air balloons at Capadoccia:

I'm still mulling over whether to join Ed Jurkens and his family at the Albuquerque Ballon Fiesta from October 6-14.  Hawaii plays away at San Diego State on October 6, so it is enticing to fly to Albuquerque after that.  Next an incredible scene from China (Zhangye, south of Mongolia):

Finally, 10,000 migrating rays (Holbox Island, Mexico):

In the East Pacific, Hurricane Miriam became a 120 MPH Category 3, but should weaken before plunging into Baha:

However, in the West Pacific, Super Typhoon Jelawat is now at the max, a Category 5, at 160 MPH, and has significantly changed its path towards Taiwan, but is projected to slightly weaken and veer north to Naha, Okinawa:


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