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Friday, September 14, 2012


You can read the American version, or something from Russia, but here is my take on why our embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen were attacked, and why crank bomb calls are spreading across our country, especially at universities:

1.  The killing of four Americans in Benghazi happened on 9/11, a symbolic day of terror for Al Queda.  

2.  It started on 9/11/12 in Cairo and Benghazi, then spread to Iran, Iraq, Yemen and now  topping twenty countries, including Southwest Asia.  There are 49 Muslim-majority countries in the world (map above).

3.  The announced reason for all this unrest was a film produced by the company of a 56 year old Coptic Christian in California, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, now in hiding.  He is a convicted crystal meth producer and said the filmmaker was Israeli Sam Bacile.  It is said that the two-hour movie cost $5 million with financing from more than 100 Jewish donors.  Then again, he might not be Israeli, and these could all be pseudonyms of someone else, for Nakoula is also known as Nicola Bacily and Erwin Salameh.  The movie itself has not yet been released.  He is publicly represented by Steve Klein (right) a 69 year old Vietnam War veteran and founder of a Muslim (and Mormon and abortion) hate group, Courageous Christians United.  Pastor Terry Jones of Quaran burning fame, also was contacted about promoting the movie.

A 14 minute trailer of the video was recently dubbed into Arabic and posted on You Tube.  It has since been blocked in many countries.  However you can view it by clicking on "Innocence of the Muslims."  The clip calls Muhammad a fraud, womanizer and madman, and shows him having sex and calling for massacres.  Much of this is historically accurate, but, nevertheless, politically explosive.  Here is a 10-minute Muslim response, in English.  I wonder if this one is a marketing ploy, but one full 14 minute video of this release I don't particularly recommend.  This is now a growth industry, for there are some interesting spin-offs and even some titillating follow-ons, which I shall valiantly avoid.

4.  So here is my assessment:

    a.  There remain Al Queda splinter groups scattered around the world, including the U.S.  

    b.  There was no universal plot to use the recent 9/11 date as a world-wide response, but one or two incidents orchestrated by Al Queda and other terrorist elements, possibly using "Innocence of the Muslims" as an excuse, initiated protests in Egypt, then Libya. 

    c.  The media picked up the demonstrations, galvanizing action, first in northern African, then even America.  One of the amazing miracles has been the total absence of a human bomber in a crowded football game or Las Vegas casino.  The catalytic effect of these recent incidents could well spur such activity into the future.

What is the simple solution to prevent the above?  There is none.  Such is are the difficult times to be faced by Humanity.

Typhoon Sanba at 145 MPH is not "super" anymore, but still very dangerous, and will strike Naha, Okinawa in a few hours.  Then, the storm might ease west enough to mostly miss Cheju Island, but Pusan would then face the brunt of the typhoon.


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