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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I got fusioned out and will spend the day posting significant things about today.  As best as I can tell, though, nothing important happened on September 26 throughout history.  However Johnny Appleseed was born on this day in 1774 as Jonathan Chapman, and he actually did spread apple nurseries throughout the Midwest.  However, this was because real estate values were enhanced with these trees.  He ended up owning several nice plots in Indiana and Ohio.  

However, here is what they don't tell you in nursery school.  Enjoy a 1948 Disney animated short, the The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, although you got to wonder about the research, for his apples were basically inedible, as only grafted ones are sweet.  Johnny's apples were made into cider.  A 2000 version was a bit more accurate.  Fort Wayne, Indiana, celebrates Johnny Appleseed Day, but that occurred this past weekend.

Oh well, so much for history.  As far as today, I also can't find anything happening of particular relevance.  So let me bring you up to date on some unimportant things:

1.  CNN reported Lady Gaga posted some nearly nude photos of herself and that she had gained 25 pounds just over the past few months.  I thought she suffered from bulimia or anorexia?  Did you know her name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?  According to Forbes, she made twice the amount of any female woman in music last year.  $90 million.  Taylor Swift was #2.  Gaga's "Born This Way" opened at #1 on Billboard and stayed there for a month last year.

2.  The best two NFL teams today are the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons. Huh?  The two worst are the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins.  About right.

3.  The top three national bestsellers are all by E.J. James:  Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.  I have about a dozen books yet to read and the thought of buying one of them was really low on my priority list.  Then  I read a review by lazaraspaste (I think that's her name--and you won't find this view in any normal newspaper), who hated the book.  Now I'm thinking, maybe.  Lady porn?  Actually, the New York Times lists A Wanted Man (Lee Child, but who is really British author Jim Grant) as #1 and Delusion in Death (J. D. Robb, but, why they do this is mystery, is Nora Roberts) as #3.  Man is the 17th Jack Reacher novel.  Reacher is strong and knows weapons, but uses physics to kill bad guys.  He is fictionally 6'5" with a 50" chest, but Tom Cruise, who is 5'7", will play the part in an upcoming movie, One Shot (book published in 2005).  You never heard of Jack Reacher, but will, after this movie.  Delusion is the 44th (#45, Calculated in Death, will be released in February) installment of Robb's death series, this one featuring spectacular public deaths confronting a female New York police officer, Eve Dallas, and her husband, Roarke.  The series is coming to a close soon because it will end when Eve becomes pregnant.  But the first one, Naked in Death, was published in 1995.  She's getting pretty old.  Do you see a trend here in bestsellers?

4.  Forgive me, I'm from Hawaii, but there is yet another TV series filmed on my island, to be first aired tomorrow (Thursday on ABC) night, 7PM in this state.  Last Resort is a geopolitical thriller which occurs in the Indian Ocean (they must have an island there that looks like Oahu), and is about the USS Colorado (the last naval ship with that name was a battleship decommissioned after WWII), a nuclear-powered submarine.  Can't tell you the whole story, but, what you will see is this rogue crew, still patriots, taking over an island and calling it a new nation.  My early reading is that in this pilot, they nuke Pakistan.  The series stars Andre Braugher as the sub commander.  His first role was in Glory (1989), and he has been kicking around TV land since. Next, he will be in a movie to be released next year, Baytown Outlaws.  Maybe like Lost, also filmed in Hawaii, they'll synthesize a hit.

5.  This is a scientific blog, so let me end by asking you how many water molecules are required to make ice?  The answer is, around 275 molecules.

Super Typhoon Jelawat weakened into a Category 4 at 150 MPH, might roll right over all of Okinawa beginning tomorrow (Friday, Japan time), then, after losing hurricane strength, approach Tokyo by Monday morning:


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