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Friday, September 7, 2012


Sure, my postings are sometimes too lengthy.  Today, I only ask you to click on the:

This international partnership to productively develop ocean resources in harmony with the marine environment has been advanced by Blue Revolution Hawaii.  Actually, we believe it will also be possible to enhance climate conditions by reducing the severity, if not prevent the formation, of hurricanes and remediating global warming.

The current board of BRH includes Matthew Matsunaga, Pat Takahashi (chief visionary), John Farias, Guy Toyama (chief $), Fuj Matsuda and Leighton Chong (chief organizer).  The titles are not official, except, perhaps, mine.

Kaiu Kimura, Executive Director of the Imiloa Astronomy Center, was recently added to the Board.  George Ariyoshi and Alfred Yee are distinguished advisors.


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