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Thursday, November 4, 2010


The Masai (or Maasai) Tribe represents only a little more than 1% the population of Tanzania and Kenya.  However, they totally dominate tourism.  Such is why we visited a Masai Village today.  Photos of children above and women below:

The chief of the village and I in front of his home:

The tallest nation is now the Netherlands.  However, the Masai are taller.  Interestingly enough, they were sufficiently fierce as warriors that the slave trade avoided them.  Just imagine the USA Olympic basketball team if the Masai were captured and brought to America!

So why do the Masai monopolize the tourist industry in Tanzania and Kenya?  I don't know, but it is possible that they just happen to live where safaris go.

Tropical Storm Tomas will attain hurricane strength, but, seems to following earlier models and will move northeast between Cuba and Haiti, bringing a lot of rain to both countries.



Anonymous said...

Japanese media have often visited MASAI to show Japanese a african wild life since more than 10 years ago. It might be a hoax, but some people say we left them much money and consequently they developed faster than the other parts. So several years ago, what we saw on the TV was said to be different from their ongoing life, but they kept showing their traditional way to live by request of Japanese media or that of them.

Anonymous said...

A good a theory as any. I wouldn't, though, characterize the Masai as a hoax. They are what they are, and they are colorful, physically intimidating and historically relevant. More and more of the current generation, though, is being assimilated into the local communities, so in a few generations, what will be left will be these touristy memories.