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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I could not find the typical G8 group photo, where they sometimes are dressed in goofy local garb.  The above shows these world leaders plus two European leaders.  Note that half of them are from Europe.  Must also mention that all 27 members of the European Union are in the United Nations.  The United States has a huge voting disadvantage in these organizations.

I yesterday indicated that this would be a do nothing Canadian G8 summit.  What they actually accomplish, however, is not necessarily important, although you can't help but feel that these golden opportunities are being wasted.  What is more significant is that they meet at all and talk to each other.  Perhaps equally key is that leaders use these gatherings to spur or prepare for what is to come.

For example, you will recall that this week China announced that they will allow their yuan (also known as renminbi) to appreciate.  The timing meant that currency concerns will now not be an issue at both the G8 and G20 meetings.  Also, the U.S. Congress met through Thursday night and at 5AM yesterday announced accord on the Wall Street reform package.  The World largely blames the USA for causing the Grand Recession.  Now, with that financial regulatory legislation, the heat is off President Barack Obama in Canada. 

Oh, they did announce the Muskoka Declaration.  The agreement said a lot and nothing, at the same time.  Every country stuck in in something good or useful, all of 41 separate issues were wordsmithed, plus two annexes.  Health, food and security were highlighted.  Digs were made about Iran, North Korea and Myanmar.  There was a healthy amount of "concern" about climate change, but nothing about energy.

At the World Cup, the score was USA 1 - Ghana 1.  So on to overtime, two fifteen minute periods.  Play to the end.  If still tied, then every one from each team will take a penalty kick versus the goalkeeper.  Whichever team scores the most goal wins the match.  If after five rounds the score is still tied, then sudden death prevails.  This game will not get that far. Whoops, Ghana just score, so it might all be over for the USA.  Note that Landon Donovan wears #10.  The playmaker or primary striker wears this number, as did Pele and Maradonna.  Argentine Lionel Messi of course wears #10.  Thus, when you watch the game, always look for #10.

Tropical Storm Alex at 45 MPH will pass over the Yucatan Peninsula, lose something, then strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico.  All signs indicate that Alex will swerve more West than East and spare the oil spill operations.

In the Pacific, Hurricane Celia continues to move into cooler waters, and now at 90 MPH, should lose strength over the next few days.  Hurricane Darby, now up to 110 MPH, seems to be going in circles, but should move towards Mexico.


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