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Sunday, June 20, 2010


1.  Last month was the warmest May on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Well, that was not so amazing, but this is:  the 303rd consecutive month that a month was warmer than its 20th century average.   That's a monthly string of more than 25 years.  Global warming?   Kuwait City hit 51 degrees C (124 F) this week, but the Planet Earth record is 58 C (136 F) in El Azizia, Libya on 13September 1922.  The hottest in the U.S. was Death Valley, California on 10July1913:  57C (134 F).  A ways to go to get to the Venus Syndrome, though, as that planet is at 464 C (867 F).  The atmosphere is almost 97% carbon dioxide.  Now that is truly global warming.

2.  Will global warming result in more twisters?  Most serious scientists are loathe to link the two, with a general response that these studies are just beginning.  But it's just about being accepted now that a warmer ocean will induce more ferocious hurricanes.  Warmer atmospheres must also have an effect on winds and twisters.
If you think we have been having more tornadoes this year, well, the USA averages 1200/year, the most of any country, although the Netherlands has more per unit area, and the UK is probably #2.    Amazingly enough, Nebraska and Kansas are lamenting the lack of twisters.  None so far this year.  Why is this bad?  Well, tornadoes draw chasers, the media and tourists.  Restaurants and hotels are having a down year, and not only because of the economy.

3.  In the World Cup, I this morning actually watched the greatest soccer match played by the All Whites (as opposed to All Blacks for their world class rugby team), as New Zealand (their basketball team is known as All Tall, or was that Tall Blacks?)  tied Italy 1-1. The amazing thing is that I have never watched an entire soccer game from beginning to end before.  European teams are officially in disarray, especially France, which could lose its coach, Raymond Domenech, today and name Laurent Blanc (above) to replace him.  Anyhoo it's just a matter of time.

Incredibly, the most unlikely victim could well be the already endangered vulture.  There is a general belief that smoking (yes, smoking) the brain of this bird increases your power of prediction.  People pay $500 just for one fowl.  The World Cup causing a species to go extinct?

The Atlantic storm has dissipated, Tropical Storm Blas is also weakening, but Tropical Storm Celia is gaining strength and heading in the Hawaii direction.  A red dot means from 111-130 MPH.

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I should have started with Happy Dad's Day.  Two years ago I wrote about Father's Day, so that should suffice.  Otherwise, the Manoa Campus around my office is gorgeous in June.

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