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Monday, June 21, 2010


1.  Yes, today is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, which means it is the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere.  The North Pole has 24 hours of sunlight, the South Pole zero and Equator, as always, 12 hours.  This means that, surprisingly enough for most, the Sun sets at 8:33PM in Sacramento and 8:07 in Los Angeles.  Could the North-South location cause this large difference?  Honolulu's sunset is 7:16 because we are not on daylight savings time.  But Honolulu is at around the 21st parallel and Los Angeles is at 34 (much more north), so something is amiss here.  Ah, it must also be that East-West position relative to the time zone.  Thus, for that Sacramento-Los Angeles sunset time differential, the East-West positioning also materially contributes to the difference.  Hard to believe, but Sacramento is WEST of Los Angeles.

2.  Day 62 of the oil spill meant more suits, countersuits, static for President Obama and pain for BP and the people (small and large) of the region.  Here are some interesting comparisons:

a.  About 100 million gallons of oil have spilled over the past two months.  That is 0.1 billion gallons.  BP reported that this reservoir from which they are tapping has 2.1 billion gallons.  THERE ARE 2 BILLION GALLONS REMAINING.

b.  If refined into gasoline, Americans would use that up in less than 4 hours.

c.  If each American were given this oil, it would amount to four cans of soda.

3.  Did you know that the deadlines of American pullout from Iraq and Afghanistan are getting real close?  From Iraq, only 9 days away. From Afghanistan?  About a year.  Will this happen?  Of course, but not quite, for, remember, we are still in Germany, Japan and South Korea.  Just remember that we need to lose the war, as in Vietnam, to get kicked out.

4.  Noticed that 90% of those vuvuzelas annoying everyone at the World Cup come from China.  The sound emanating from just one of them go up to 127 decibels.  See the story in You Tube.  Actually, as long as you don't already have a headache, the buzzing background adds a unique character to the competition.  South America still has not lost a game.  USA (#14) plays Algeria (#30) on Wednesday.

The day ended with Mufi and Amy.


After a good start because China yesterday announced that they will play fair on their monetary policy, the Dow Jones Industrials eased back down 8 to 10,442.  Markets in the Orient zoomed up and the Japan Nikkei is now at 10,238.  Gold sunk $24/toz to $1233 and crude oil seems headed to a 6-week high of $78/barrel.

We're back to one storm in the Atlantic and three in the Pacific.  Hurricane Celia is strengthening:


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