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Thursday, August 17, 2017


Every so often you need to pause and determine where you are so that you can consider any kind of course correction.  So let me just share some free thoughts, perhaps to become topics for future postings:

  • As readers know, while I mostly focus on the subject of the day, I do now and then go on wild tangents.  So let me escape from Donald Trump, solar energy and The Venus Syndrome by first stating that there are beneficial insects.  Lady bugs, bees and butterflies are just three of them.  They regularly visit my lanai herb garden. 
  • The Chinese Swallowtail Butterfly, in particular, has become my favorite insect.  A couple of people have suggested that it spontaneously generates in my apartment.  I think not, but here is a photo I just took today.  The world largest is the Queen Alexandra's birdwing at nearly 10 inches.  Like in bees, this might be the largest butterfly of all-time.
  • Who really cares whether there are differences among bugs, insects and arthropods, but some of them were humongous in prehistoric times.  The Giant Sea Scorpion is the largest bug on record at more than eight feet.  It went extinct 390 million years ago.  
  • If you fear centipedes, don't come to Hawaii.  I've personally done away with monsters at least six, and maybe even, eight inches, long.  One on my roof lanai somehow got up to the 27th floor.  The largest in the state goes up to 9 inches long.  The world's longest, though, is the Amazonian giant centipede below at 12 inches:
  • The largest land scorpion disappeared 400 million years ago, and was two feet long.  Every so often you hear stories about these creatures, such as this BBC-produced photo from a farm in Texas:
  • Those are fake stories, but about today, if you fear running into this Giant Forest Scorpion below, which is nine inches long, don't go to the Western ghats (steps leading to a river) of Karnataka, India.
  • Avoid the savannas and rainforests of West Africa if you are afraid of any black 8' Emperor Scorpion.  Apparently (I haven't tried) but BackwaterReptiles will ship you one of these for $40 as a pet, and it will arrive in two or three days (they only send this package if you are in the USA).  I guess this must, then, be legal.  I wonder if I need to ask permission from 15 Craigside first.  Just joking.  I mostly hope no one from here ever sees this posting and get mischievous.

Now how did I get from life-course correction to fearsome insects?  Life can lead you in strange directions sometimes.  

To continue, though, we all here at 15 Craigside say that we have not yet seen a large cockroach in our apartment.  I'm afraid they're beginning to encroach, for my Hoy-Hoy-Trap-a-Roach on my lanai last week (but it's been out there for many months) caught two large ones.  I just couldn't make myself take a photo.  However, I bought a new set of five traps and placed two on my lanai, and three throughout the apartment.

But I can't end so negative.  What about ten amazing spiders?  Here, a Peacock spider:

And another:

And about how I will be changing my life now that I know more about insects than I had intended?  All is well, especially as my Chinese Swallowtail Butterfly is back.  I can almost discern a fuzzy something at the end of my allegorical tunnel, but I'm enjoying my current path, so there is no clear need for any major readjustment.


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