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Sunday, August 6, 2017


More than six years ago I posted:

I was already rapidly developing into an old curmudgeon.  Then, last month I wrote:


These demurrals are not angry ramblings.  Each jewel of wisdom is rooted in common sense and reality.
For example, I specifically spoke poorly of Biki, a new bike program formed by a non-profit.  I noted that I had previously criticized libraries for being obsolete and how trees were bad for the environment.   

Only a month ago I condemned firework shows for flouting air pollution laws.  I did, though suggest a solution:  laser-light exhibits.  Well, I have two more recommendations that are sure to invoke some backlash.  

Today, I take on a dog licking your face.  To quote from The Huffington Post:

However, there's new reasons why you really shouldn't let your pooch lick your face. The New York Times reported this past weekend that licks from your dog can increase your risk of disease transmission, including diseases humans can't handle.


Dr. Neilanjan Nandi, an assistant professor of medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, told the Times that most animals' mouths are host to "an enormous oral microbiome of bacteria, viruses and yeast.”

More specifically, clostridium, E. coli, salmonella and campylobacter to cause gastrointestinal disease.  Worse, hookworms and roundworms.  Roundworms can lead to loss of sight.  Yikes!!  Note, particularly, where dogs lick (in addition to your face), and that alone should turn you off.

Cats are somewhat safer, yet still unsafe.  But they're not as affectionate.

Should we, then, stop kissing anyone, for we all carry over a hundred trillion germs?  From another HuffPo:

Female innoculation with a specific male’s cytomegalovirus is most efficiently achieved through mouth-to-mouth contact and saliva exchange, particularly where the flow of saliva is from the male … to the female,” Hendrie told The Daily Mail. This also suggests that the longer a woman kisses the same person, the more likely she is to be immune to cytomegalovirus if she gets pregnant. So ladies, you may want to consider making out with your partner for at least six months before jumping to childbearing.

Kissing is one of those judgement calls you make for reasons way beyond health.  Some relationships are more important than the low potential for catching a cold.

But handshakes?  

Kissing is far from the only every day, intimate exchange that encourages the transmission of germs. What about shaking hands? Although 80 percent of all infectious disease is believed to be transmitted by direct and indirect contact, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, say that we need not worry too much about a friendly shake. The May 2011 study, published in the Journal of School Nursing, took samples from the hands of individuals before and after they crossed the stage at graduation ceremonies — inevitably shaking a hand or two along the way. Once the samples were tested, the researchers found that only 7 percent of the samples contained pathogenic flora.

The solution, don't touch your mouth or nose and wash your hands.  But you can get too hypochondriacal about life in general.  Fred Carter in the 1970's was an NBA star who is generally credited with the fist bump.  However, Howie Mandel (judge on America's Got Talent) is mentioned as a practitioner because he has germophobia.  

My second curmudgeonly deed is something that has long been bothering me.  At birthday parties, the honoree is always asked to blow out the candles.  Try taking out 80 candles.  Ready for this?

However, it depends on who is doing the huffing, for increases up to 12,000% were recorded.  I've seen some surreptitiously scrape off the top layer of the frosting.

For the uber fastidious, you can actually buy a sanitary birthday cake cover and candle system.  There are all kinds of patents to shield the cake from the blower, but try finding one near where you live.

There are, too, other alternatives to consider:
  • Place the candles on a holder so that they can be moved.
  • Use really long candles to minimize the damage.
  • Can't find long candles?  Be creative.
To close, I need to warn you not to turn to Channel 1557 (SYFY High Definition--or 557 or Hawa'n Tel 144 or 1144).  At 9AM Hawaii time, the first Sharknado (82 rating from Rotten Tomatoes reviewers, but only 33 for audiences) film begins.  Then:
  • 1100  Sharknado 2   (61/31)
    • Matt Lauer / Al Roker
    • Kelly Osbourne
    • Judd Hirsch, who plays a taxi driver
    • Billy Ray Cyrus
    • Jared Fogle from Subway
  • 1300  Sharknado 3:  Oh Hell No! (33/29)
    • David Hasselhoff
    • Bo Derek
    • Mark Cuban as the President of the USA
    • Jackie Collins
    • Kathie Lee Gifford
    • Anthony Weiner (yes, that former Congressman himself, who gets eaten by a shark)
  • 1500  Sharknado 4:  The 4th Awakens (17/26)
    • David Hasselhoff
    • Gary Busey
    • Wayne Newton
  • 1700 Sharknado 5:  Global Swarm (this is the World Premiere--no Rotten Tomatoes rating...yet)
    • Charo will be Queen of England, with Chris Kattan as the British PM
    • Al Roker / Kathie Lee Gifford 
    • Clay Aiken / Olivia Newton-John / Margaret Cho
  • 1900  Sharknado 5:  if you forgot to tune in at 5PM, or was otherwise too busy
  • 2100  Sharknado 4
  • 2300  Sharknado 3
  • 0100 (Monday)  Sharknado 2
This has been an annual event since 2013.  I'm say that I watched the first four, although, to my credit, I might have not finished #3 and #4.  It's so irrelevant that I actually don't remember.  

For some reason, SYFY's first showing of #5 on the east coast is at 8PM, with 5PM for the pacific.  Hawaii is normally 6 hours after the east during the daylight savings time months.

As you've had the endurance to get this far on a Sunday, heck, you deserve some tears of happiness.  Yesterday I featured Celine Tam from America's Got Talent.  Here she is again, as one of three young golden buzzer future singing stars, plus the other golden buzzer awardees this year.   Huge talents, effervescing in emotions.

Typhoon Noru, still at 75 MPH,  continued to sway in the eastern direction on his trek north, and completely missed Kyushu.  As presently projected, he will probably brush Kochi on Shikoku and head in the general direction of Kansai as a tropical storm.


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