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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

CHAPTER 23: Pearl's Ashes--Sydney

Day 17 of my Circle Pacific Adventure last year started with my flight from Bangkok to Sydney:

I woke up at 4:30AM to get to the airport in Bangkok,  First Class check-in for Thai Air is first class, as they meet you at the entrance and take your suitcase.  The lady greeting me knew my name.  Amazing.  Then they led me into a lounge into a cushy chair.  I passed on my passport, and two minutes later, my ticket and baggage tag came. 

To continue:

An escort walked me through customs/immigration, a cart drove me to the Royal Silk First Class Lounge, and I was led into a room of my own about as big as a hotel room with large TV and computer.  I might add, they also have a spa here.  A staffer came by with an iPad to take my order.  I remembered in the past eating too much here, that I just had a fish congee and sherry on rocks:

On the flight, Eggs Benedict, White Sturgeon Caviar and Truffles Lasagna, with a Vintage 2006 Dom Perigean:

I was tempted to hide a capsule of Pearl's Ashes on the plane.

Logistically, I was in Sydney for the Hawaii versus University of California football kickoff to the NCAA schedule.  The game was played at the ANZ Stadium in Olympic Park, where Australia hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics.

The following day I walked to the Opera House, then on to their Royal Botanic Garden, where I dropped off Pearl's Ashes #39:

The park was celebrating its 200th year.

The following day I caught the United Dreamliner to San Francisco.  We passed over the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, here in sepia...

Then, to my surprise, right over the Hawaiian Islands:

This was still August of 2016, so Donald Trump was not embarrassing my country.  Yet, the world was already making fun of him.  Here is a summary of this Circle Pacific Adventure.

My Wednesday e-book on Pearl's Ashes still has a few chapters left, but yesterday I learned that I had to be in Japan this what about My Absolutely Final Around the World Odyssey  (MAFAWO--got to come up with a better acronym) to culminate this tribute?

Tomorrow I will begin a two-part series, first comparing Donald Trump with Robert Mueller III, followed by my projection of what will begin to happen three years from now at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.  Hint:  if global warming becomes a political issue, Al Gore looks to be our next president on 3 November 2020.

Tropical Storm Franklin in the Gulf of Mexico, after storming over the Yucatan Peninsula, will strengthen into a hurricane and make landfall over Mexico between Tampico and Vera Cruz:


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