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Thursday, August 25, 2016

CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE 2016: Day #17--Bangkok to Sydney

My dinner last night was, considering cost and creativity, perhaps my best on this trip thus far.  I noted that my free pre-dinner drinks and appetizers filled me up, so what about having Rossini's deliver my dinner here where the alcohol is free.  My first course included two large sections of foie gras :

Perfection.  Note the Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and beer.  The next course was a Penne Bolognese:

Excellent.  Then veal with foie gras and truffles:

Heaven.  I got an overdose of foie gras, and the spinach was just right.  Then gorgonzola cheese (Picconte DOP Mountain), which was spectacular, with a barolo cheese and Port, followed by a cappuccino:

Yes, my best meal on this trip.  The total cost approached $75.

The chef of the night, Krit  "Toby" Prathuangsukh came by to say hi:

I woke up at 4:30AM to get to the airport in Bangkok,  First Class check-in for Thai Air is first class, as they meet you at the entrance and take your suitcase.  The lady greeting me knew my name.  Amazing.  Then they led me into a lounge into a cushy chair.  I passed on my passport, and two minutes later, my ticket and baggage tag came.

An escort walked me through customs/immigration, a cart drove me to the Royal Silk First Class Lounge, and I was led into a room of my own about as big as a hotel room with large TV and computer.  I might add, they also have a spa here.  A staffer came by with an iPad to take my order.  I remembered in the past eating too much here, that I just had a fish congee and sherry on rocks:

The first class section on the plane was only half filled:

I started with a Bloody Mary:

Here is the complete menu for the drinks and two servings:

Note that the Dom Perignon is ten years old.  So here are a few of my dishes:

Very few first class flights these days serve caviar, and this one did:

The truffles lasagna was spectacular:

One hour after landing in Sydney, I was in the Four Points Sheraton, which in three months will become a Hyatt.


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