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Saturday, August 26, 2017


Season 12 of America's Got Talent is now in the quarterfinal stage, with 14 acts surviving thus far, and one more live show on August 29 to pick seven more.  They usually add a wild card, so there will then be 22 making it to the semifinals.

There has already been a terrible tragedy this year:

On June 11, 2017, an AGT contestant named Brandon Rogers died in an automobile accident. After seeing YouTube videos of Rogers singing, Boyz II Men invited him to sing with them as a guest in three of their Las Vegas shows earlier in 2017. His AGT audition aired on July 11, 2017 in his memory. Rogers was an American physician who specialized in family medicine.[13]

My three favorites are nine-year old girls, Celine Tam (below with Tyra Banks) and Angelina Hale, and 12-year old Darci Lynn.  The younger two banter with the judges like almost adults.

The finals will occur on September 19, with the results on the 20th.

Completely switching gear, I noticed this week in Arizona that President Donald Trump wore his tie awfully long:

Your tie needs to reach the top of the belt.  Never in history has style suggested anything longer.  Also, his dimple is off to the side, when there is one at all.  How can such a fastidious person tolerate this embarrassment?  Ask him.
I might add that Donald Trump's job approval rating dropped to 34% on Gallup, the lowest ever for any newly elected president.  However, he still has a ways to go to break Harry Truman's 1952 record of 22%.  79% of Republicans still approve of his presidency, with 7% of Democrats agreeing.

On the third subject of the day, have you ever seen a BLUE chrysanthemum?  If you have, it has been dyed.  I've been searching for BLUE roses and tulips all my life.  The Dutch think they have created a true blue tulip, but not really.  The Suntory blue rose, well, is not blue.  See to the right.

Suntory recently said they had, indeed, now produced a BLUE chrysanthemum:

Again, though, this blue is not a real blue.  Maybe a grayish lavender.  In any case, they've got some work to do.  However, their blue rose was announced about a decade ago, and there has been no improvement over that violet or mauve color.  This is the corporation better known for beer and whiskey.  However, they've also long had a restaurant in Honolulu.

Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas as a Category 4 storm at 130 MPH 30 miles northeast of Corpus Christi.  
The previous hurricane of such strength over Texas was Carla in 1961.  On Friday Harvey grew from Category 1 to 4 in less than a day.  The abnormal menace is that he will not head northeast as most hurricanes do over the USA.  Harvey will stall around and slowly move north between San Antonio and Houston through the mid-week.  Thus, rains will continue for several more days on grounds that are already supersaturated.  With rainfall totals over three feet, floods could reach historic proportions throughout the region.  There will also be numerous tornados.  


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