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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Well, this is Sunday, my day for metaphorical allusions.  Leaving aside the potential for reality, most familiar with this blog site are aware that I expanded Purgatory from 15 Craigside to the entirety of Planet Earth.  However, there are levels of purity and most of you have not yet ascended to life at the highest levels, Waikiki being one of them.

Hawaii could well be the only place in the world now celebrating a three-day weekend, for Monday is King Kamehameha Day.  I've annually posted on this holiday, so this year I will merely describe my ventures--for adventures would be too much of an exaggeration--which began on my 15 Craigside lanai with a fabulous meal of Japanese Wagyu beef and Omega-3 fatty acid sashimi, also known as maguro in Japan, ahi locally, and yellow-fin tuna elsewhere.

The mushroom was shiitake and that purplish-skinned vegetable on the sashimi plate is myoga, a kind of Japanese ginger.

I caught The Bus to Waikiki.  I had to transfer at Punchbowl, and noticed the King Kamehameha Statue had been lei'd the day before:

First, this is a very busy weekend in Waikiki.  Hoolaulea (street party) last night, King Kamehameha Parade Saturday and the Pan Pacific Festival over several days, with another parade on Sunday.  I was lucky to get a room, but the Waikiki Sheraton provided an excellent one with this view:

That's, off course, Waikiki Beach.  The Royal Hawaii Hotel, another Starwood property, is below:

I show this hotel because it returns shortly.  The Sheraton provided a gift package for me:

I thought I'd have a Zaru Soba for lunch, and 15 Craigside just happened to have a lunch outing today to Waikiki Yokocho, so I checked there first.  They were there and having dessert.  I took several photos of them, but a couple were ruined by closed eyes, so here are two, but here are Roberta and Marilyn with ice cream cones, and Wilbur, Alfred, Charlotte and Audrey still in line:

Most of them went to Beniya and they all said they enjoyed their meals.  Interesting that no one took my advice to order the $12 special, for everyone seemed to have paid twice that amount, with no alcohol.  I walked around Yokocho but could not find any place that served Zaru Soba.  So I went to one of my all time favorite Japanese restaurants in Honolulu, Suntory.

What a combination:  cold soba with hot butterfish (which is black cod).  I show this Yamasaki Single Malt because this is my bottle at Suntory, but more, see the coral color in the background?  That is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  The view back to the Waikiki Sheraton:

There was a white pigeon staring at me through the entire meal, and I would have fed it, except that these windows had no opening:

One of the best Starwood executive lounges is the Waikiki Sheraton Leahi Club:

The view is better than mine because the lounge is located on the 30th floor.  I'm on the 22nd.  I poured three drinks and enough appetizers for my dinner:

Right below was House without a Key:

So do I stay here and save some money or do I go down to where this blog started?

That's Kanoe Miller, originally Kanoelehua Kaumeheiwa, Miss Hawaii of 1973, now 63 years old.  Notice that the giant 129 year old kiawe tree is now only a stump, with a new one to the right.  Big mistake!  This is a terrible tree with nasty thorns.  Also known as mesquite, it makes great firewood for barbecues, but is dangerously unsafe where tourists roam. I paid $25, with tax/tip, for a martini, for they now have a $5 cover charge.  Behind me is Diamond Head.  It is here that Pearl took a photo of me, which I used for this blog at the top of this posting.

Having fortuitously closed the loop with this gin martini, it would be tempting to permanently end SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY.  I've been meaning to enter a new phase of my life, and as I terminated my link to The Huffington Post after my 100th article, I wonder if I'll continue this blog site tomorrow.