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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Purgatory, to me, is a state of mind, as would be something like an afterlife.   Over the course of this blog site I have fancifully elevated my present home, 15 Craigside, to Purgatory status.  Later, I expanded the concept to Waikiki, then the whole of Planet Earth.  As Purgatory is supposedly a final purification stage before ascending to Heaven, I whimsically suggested that in this cleansing process, individuals closer to perfection gravitate to at least two lifestyles:  extreme sacrifice, as perhaps epitomized by Mother Theresa, or life at 15 Craigside.  At this phase of my thinking, though, you lose any state of mind at death, so there can be no Heaven, nor Hell.

On that note, I woke up to a beautiful day and had breakfast at the Leahi Club Lounge:

My final day in Waikiki.  What next to do?  What about a dip in the Infinity Pool?

I still had a lot of poke and sashimi from my lunch yesterday, so I went to the Royal Hawaiian Center Food Court and bought something new to me:  loco moco, but with curry as the sauce.

I am in the process of adding video clips to this blog site, but in the absence of this enhancement at this time, I might mention that although I am 22 floors up, you can hear and almost feel the pounding waves emanating from the beach.  I sat there for half an hour, then checked out and caught The Bus back to 15 Craigside.

The Monday Night Table I sit with at 15 Craigside is rather unusual, for we have a cocktails mixmaster who prepares a different drink each week.  He also usually donates the dessert.  Others on the table also bring bottles of wine, although we never get around to finishing, or even starting most of them:

We also contribute local foodstuffs to complement the meal.  Many times these additions are so bountiful that we skip our free dinner.  Here above, you don't even see the box of dim sum, which in itself could have served as the main course, especially now that we have access to a microwave oven that can heat the morsels to the right temperature.  To the left is just one piece, a pepeiao (har gao).  The mixmaster sent me a photo of what we had last night, Tanqueray Gin Martinis

While this would have been a grand way to end this series on Purgatory, I should add that this Monday Night Table is exceptional, and does not at all represent life at 15 Craigside.  A very high percentage of those living here abstain.  A few individuals at other tables are provided these drinks, and, amazingly enough,  they are largely the ones who donate bottles of alcohol to this mixmaster, perpetuating the process.

I'll come back and provide details, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average will almost surely break its all-time high of 21,272:


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