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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

PEARL'S ASHES: Chapter 16--House Without a Key and Waikiki Beach

Pearl's favorite place to have a late afternoon drink was House Without a Key, while La Mer was her #1 restaurant, both at the Halekulani Hotel.  Just a few days ago I left the Leahi Club Lounge of the adjacent Waikiki Sheraton, where the drinks were free, just to go down to House Without a Key to pay $25 for a martini.  

Unknowingly to me why at first, I tended to focus on the old kiawe tree, which had recently fallen.  Certainly, a compelling reason was because this was the outdoor bar where we regularly frequented, and I thought it would be nice gesture.  But I had forgotten that on 12 December 2011 I had dropped Pearl's Ashes #29 at the base of that kiwi tree when it was still standing (below).

In gathering information for this posting I performed this act just before I had dinner with a colleague from Ajou University, Kiryun Choi, at La Mer, which is on the second floor of that building in the background.  To quote:

We had their Menu Degustation, a Gastronomical Tour with:

1.  Free Heidsieck-Monopole "Blue Top" Brut Champagne.
2.  Domiane les Pallieres, Gigondas (14.5%).
3.  Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon (14.5%).
4.  Fonseca Port (20%).

The list of ingredients for the full meal included caviar, foie gras, veal cheek and that fancy dessert to the right.  Interestingly enough, on Day 25 of my latest global adventure, I had kalbi with Professor Choi in Seoul, and here to the left is what he looks like today.

This was another one of those weekends when I spent a couple of days in Waikiki, and this time it was at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  The Pink Palace of the Pacific opened in 1927 at a cost of $4 million ($55 million today).

There seems to be a pattern of what bentos I bring back to my room, for some of you might recall that I got a curry loco moco for my Waikiki Sheraton lunch in my room just reported on yesterday, and here, I show a healthy salmon loco moco when I earlier that day back in 2011 ate in my room with a view of Waikiki Beach.  It was also during this stay that I learned how to pop open a beer cap with a spoon (there was nothing in the room to do this, and the cleaner showed me how), and determined that body lotion was just as good, if not better, than shaving cream for shaving (I had forgotten to pack the latter).

My Royal Hawaiian Hotel room came with all kinds of gifts, including a bottle of Kenwood Champagne and lunch at the Surf Lanai, where I had a wagyu beef hamburger, followed by a creme brûlée coconut tart.  I then sat under a pink umbrella on the Beach at Waikiki, to drink that sparkling wine and smoked a Romeo & Juliet Churchill cigar.  Here was the site of Pearl's Ashes #30.

Chapter 17 next Wednesday will occur at the Jindai Botanical Park just outside of Tokyo, where there is a statue that remarkably looks just like Pearl.  Perhaps adding to the intrigue, the date on the sculpture is 1961, and we first met in 1962.

The Dow Jones Industrials hit another all time high, up 46 to 21,375:


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