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Sunday, June 18, 2017


Ka Makana Alii, a new shopping mall, opened in Kapolei on 21 October 2016.  As Donald Trump would say, it's yuge.  Much larger than I expected.  But it's a shame that the end of the HART line, the East Kapolei Station, will stop more than a mile short of this development.  Anticipating the future, this is like mass transit at the other end terminating a mile from the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Ka Makana Alii pays tribute to Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, who is credited with creating the concept of Hawaiian Home Lands, on which the property rests.  The logo features ti leaves, which are symbolic of good luck and prosperity, with the circle representing this site as the Center for West Oahu, and the hand reinforcing the meaning of The Royal Gift.

How large is this shopping center?  So big that they have a shuttle to take you around.  Note, however, that the cost is $5, child or adult:

Had to show this bank of sugar cane because this is the variety that is easy to chew and really sweet.  So anyway, we were dropped off here below and given 1.5 hours to wander.

And looking back:

Towards Macy's, the anchor tenant on one end:

Looking the other way at Center Court:

That creamish yellow structure is Hampton Inn & Suites.  There is no large sign usually used by this motel.  The only one I could find is all of a foot high and, maybe 15 inches across.  

However, there was a bigger one above me.  I checked on availability, say, Monday, June 19, for one night, and would you believe the best price was $269?  That's what I just paid for last weekend at the Waikiki Sheraton.

From Center Court to the other end you will find Olino, a complex of eight luxury theaters.  Several restaurants will soon open:

The 15 Craigside gang mostly nibbled on things, probably waiting to get back for lunch:

I walked around, but most of the better restaurants were not yet open:

North Shore was available:

But this was a takeout, and I wanted something more substantive.  Adjacent was Johnny Rockets:

I recalled going there on the Pride of America.  In addition to food, more than three fourths of the footprint is dedicated to entertainment for kids:

I ordered a hamburger with beer:

This was the best burger I've had in a long time.  The meat had a distinguishable beefy taste and the french fries were decadent.  

I saw families entering, where children were ecstatic to be there.  One eight-year old girl jumped up and down for ten seconds in unrestrained joy.  This was the best part of my day.  Seeing people very, very happy.  And some were actually winning stuff.  So after my meal I thought I'd go up to the window where you could try to scoop up a rainbow hat.  But you can't put money in these devices.  You had to go to a machine to run your credit card to get a keycard.  First, I was intimidated, and second, I asked myself, would I ever actually wear a rainbow hat with eyes?

One startling difference between Iran and the USA:  Iran has banned Zumba.  What is zumba?  Ka Makana Alii features this dance the last Friday of the month:

From comments, all had a good time, especially me.

Maybe I'll come back on a Wednesday for the Farm Lovers Market and experience their luxury theater complex.  It's only a half-hour drive, but The Bus can be used, for free.  Perhaps one of my future adventures, for I will need to catch six buses (if you think busses is correct, read this--busses do apply for more than one buss, an archaic use of kiss) for the roundtrip.


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