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Saturday, June 17, 2017


Hawaii is full of free bargains:  the beach, the weather....I can go on and on.  But what about a lower price for what is almost always so expensive in this state?

I had a recent post on how best to cut your finger and toe nails.  And, by the way, I have a refinement:  only use that diamond coated abrasive fitting:

Today, where to get a cheap haircut.  But first, some history.  Forty years ago I paid more than $30 to my hair stylist.  After I retired, I went to Super Cuts where it cost around $20.  Now, the 15 Craigside in-house barber charges $16.  

I caught The Bus into downtown Honolulu to have lunch, and gazed at a magnificent Monkey Pod Tree across the street.

I walked around Chinatown and settled on Pho Hana:

I hadn't had Vietnamese noodles, pho, for years.  So in I went and saw that their crispy chicken with garlic rice on the colorful menu looked more enticing.  So, with a glass of New Zealand Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc:

The meal was terrific.  While the drumstick of this particular half chicken was about the size of a large pigeon, the balanced assortment was excellent.  With tax and tip I think I paid around $25.

As I had not had a haircut for six weeks, and I hate to feel hair touching my ears, I asked the waitress if there was a barber shop close by.  She highly recommended some hair institute.  I've paid as low as $1 for an on-street haircut in Beijing, but never experienced a haircut at a training center.  She said she goes there and the price is affordable.  So off I went, on Nuuanu Avenue, off Pauahi.

There must have been around 20 chairs at the Hawaii Institute of Hair Design, and they immediately took me.  My barber was in the fourth of a ten month course, and he was excellent.

The price was $9.75 and they do a lot more than a plain haircut:

Hokulea approaching Magic Island:

Not too late, yet.  Another terrific bargain is the homecoming (scroll to next posting) of Hokulea.


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