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Friday, June 23, 2017


This 8th Okinawa-Hawaii gathering, occurring even years in Okinawa and odd years at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, usually is held linked to a broader renewable energy conference in Honolulu, which this year was a virtual event held from June 20-22.  

The Big Island version this time will feature tours through the Hale Iako incubator, Makai OTEC facility, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute Hydrogen Project, Espec MIC Corporation vegetable production, Kanaloa Octopus and Big Island Island Abalone.   The participants will also visit Henk Rogers' sustainable Puu Waawaa Ranch project, featuring solar cells, ferrous phosphate lithium batteries and hydrogen.

My main contribution at this conference will be to provide a background statement of the subject and relationships, and if you're interested in previous meetings held in Hawaii (Professor Yasu Ikegami of Saga University at top, Professor Mac Takahashi, formerly from Tokyo University, on the right, and me):
  • 2nd:  I helped Guy Toyama facilitate the meeting
  • 4th
  • 6th
I will also moderate the final panel discussion of the breakout sessions reporting on:
  • OTEC Technology
  • Education and International Cooperation
  • Deep Sea Water Industry
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Research

We started with a reception and dinner at the King Kamehameha Hotel.

I sat next to Mayor Haruo Ota of Kumejima, and next to him was R&D Director Diane Ley of the County of Hawaii.  We discussed OTEC and the Blue Revolution.


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