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Monday, June 26, 2017


The Four Seasons Hualalai rests at the foot of Mount Hualalai, a bit taller than 8000 feet, last erupting only about two hundred years ago.  This is a dormant volcano, so....

The next few postings will focus on FSH, one of my top three hotels.  As close to perfection as this hotel might be, there are some faults.  When I checked in the reservation I made for dinner at Ulu was not registered.  I had even received a response from their concierge two weeks ago.  

Turns out this was more good than bad, for I was supposed to have a 5:30 table for the sunset, but my huge 1PM lunch at Beach Tree made 7:30 at Hualalai Grill a lot more enjoyable.  I had two specially prepared grilled steak tacos with a tasty gazpacho, accompanied by a draft beer and cabernet meritage:

As a kamaaina (local person), the price is in the range of 30-40% less than an alien, so whatever room they give is good enough.  Mine was just off the 18th hole:

You can see the flagstick.  Room 3703 would be terrific during the annual Champions Tour held here.

I decided to take an hour walk which became two hours when I made a few wrong turns:

I might add, only a few of this lizard, but skinnier darker ones flit around on the walkways, so if you have a fear of small dinosaurs, this is not the place for you.  At least a dozen, or two, crossed my path as I walked around.  But I did not see any flying cockroaches nor ants.  That is the full 18th hole looking towards my room.

I went back to my room to take a shower and followed with a large glass of ice filled scotch to watch the sunset.  It was just about here that I dropped Pearl's Ashes #4:  

Hawaii is in the midst of King Tides, where the sea level has exceeded historic values.  The wave remnants just about got up to my recliner on the beach.

I then walked over to Hualalai Grill.  I still had my now iceless scotch in hand, but the staff showed no negative reaction and showed me to my table.  I ordered a New York strip with Caesar Salad and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon:

They feature vegetables and beef from this area. The animals are grass fed, so they tend to be tough.  I don't think they grow Romaine lettuce here.  I thus indicated that this was not a Caesar salad, and I had difficulty eating the steak.  Mind you, it was very tasteful, but I had to spit out most of the meat.  I felt somewhat guilty, but they charged me only for the glass of wine.  In a way, that is the spirit of Four Season Hualalai.  The service is similar to the best you can find in the Orient.

The best meal I had was breakfast, but I'll save that for tomorrow with the title:  HAVE YOU EVER HAD A $100 JAPANESE BREAKFAST?  On Thursday, I'll continue my serialization of PEARL'S ASHES, then on Thursday, a comparison of Four Seasons Hualalai with 15 Craigside:  Which is Heaven and Which is Purgatory?

There is new hurricane, Dora, off Mexico:

The wind speed is up to 85 MPH, but the projection is an early fizzlement way before getting anywhere near Hawaii.


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