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Friday, June 16, 2017


The Hokulea Homecoming will be held at Magic Island Saturday morning, June 17:
  • 7AM            Namahoe, Mookiha, Makalii and Hawaiiola arrive
  • 8:30AM       Okeanos from the Marshalls / Faafaite from Tahiti
  • 9 AM           First Hikianalia, then Hokulea
  • 10 AM         Kalii Rite
  • 10:30 AM   Homecoming Ceremony
  • 12:30-1PM Screening of voyage highlights
  • 1-5:30 PM  Hoolaulea:  Music and community celebration
    • 1       Olomana
    • 1:30  Jon Osorio
    • 1:50  Kapena
    • 2:30  Keauhou
    • 3      Aulii Carvalho
    • 3:15 Leon and Malia
    • 3:50 Kainani Kahaunaele
    • 4:15 Tahiti MANA
    • 4:45 John Cruz, Brother Noland and Paula Fuga
    • 5:20 Mahalo from Nainoa Thompson
    • 5:25 Hawaii Aloha (this clip will get you in the right mood)
Beginning at around 5 PM, all the canoes will depart for Sand Island, with only Hokulea remaining docked near Magic Island.

You can begin to set up your mats and chairs (no tents, barbecues, open fires) beginning at 4AM Saturday.  You won't be able to see much, but jumbo screens will be set up at key vantage points.  At least 30,000 others will probably show up, and maybe 10,000 more.  Water will be provided in your container.  A bike valet service will be provided.  Catch The Bus.  Free parking at McKinley High School (enter Pensacola) and $10 parking at Hawaii Convention Center, (enter Kalakaua) with shuttles running every 15 minutes from 7 AM to 6:30 PM. 
  • Participating food vendors for the Hoolaulea:
o Ahi Ambassadors

o Da Spot
o Hale Kealoha
o IL Gelato
o L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Hawaiian Plate and Mix Plate 
o Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
o Waimānalo Farms 

If you want to observe in the comfort of your home;

Local stations KHON2, KITV, KFVE and Hawaii News Now will be providing live coverage. The event will be livestreamed online, starting at 7 a.m., at, and
And that's only the beginning, for SALT at Our Kakaako (440 Keawe) will host a follow-up Hoolaulea from 5-10 PM, Saturday evening:

Live music will feature Honoka/Azita, Kupaoa, Waipuna, Kapena, Kimie Miner and Taimane.  The movie Moana will be shown.  Oh, SALT comes from the English definition of paakai.  Paakai ponds were once prominent throughout the wetlands of Kakaako.

From June 18-20 at the Hawaii Convention Center, there will be the Malama Honua Fair and Summit (registration, $125, although you can make a contribution and receive $50 off)
  • Sunday, June 18:  Youth Summit from 10 AM to 5 PM (however, only by invitation)
  • Monday, June 19:  
    • Inspirational Speaker Series from 10 AM to 4:30 PM (one of the Ocean Elders to speak will be Her Deepness Sylvia Earle--ha, ha, but she does dive deep and I knew her a long time ago before she became famous)
    • Polynesian Voyaging Society Benefit Dinner from 5 - 9 PM
    • Tuesday:  Educational exhibits continue
All the above to celebrate Hokulea's three-year ocean odyssey (you can click on it for the details):

A few would say, big deal, Magellan's crew did this, also in three years, but 500 years ago.  However, they and subsequent European expeditions, went to colonize, loot and gain political advantage.  The Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage was a mission of goodwill and environmental concern.  Malama Honua means "to care for the Earth."  In their mission, they bridged traditional with new technologies to live sustainably, while creating global relationships.  A million things could have gone wrong, but they made it!  Unless you've circumnavigated Planet Earth, you can't really appreciate that feeling.

I've been around the world a dozen times, mostly by air, taking one to two months and more.  Four years ago My Ultimate Global Adventure went smoothly.  However, my Grand Around the World Adventure of 2015, while, on balance, terrific, involved a misplaced wallet, lost tooth and food poisoning.  The best part of these mega-journeys, though, is the return home.  Here, Oahu, on which Honolulu is located, where my purgatorial 15 Craigside luxuriates.

My grand and ultimate junkets, however, are inconsequential relative to a few other circumnavigational exploits:
  • From 1768-1771 then Lieutenant James Cook took three years to sail the globe.  It was on his second journey that he "found" Hawaii and was soon thereafter killed there.
  • In 1873 Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout went around the world in 80 days.  At least in the mind of Jules Verne.
    • In 1881 King David Kalakaua became the first reigning monarch to complete a world journey.  His 281-day trip was mostly to import laborers for the sugar industry.  Critics thought this was just an excuse to see the world, but he was honored with a state dinner at the White House and did spur immigrants from the Orient into plantation life, setting the tone for what has become Hawaii today.
    • The RMS Laconia in 1923 completed the first world cruise in 130 days.
    • The following year the U.S. Army Air Service took 175 days to fly the world.
    • In 1929 the Graf Zeppelin (a dirigible) flew it in 21 days.
    • In 1960 the nuclear submarine USS Triton took just under 61 days, UNDERWATER.
    • In 1961 Yuri Gagarin aboard the Vostok 1 made the first orbit in 108 minutes.
    • Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones in 1999 navigated the Breitling Orbiter (ballon) in 19 days. 
    • Earthrace, a trimaran with two 540 HP engines, in 2008 took just about the same time to do so as the Triton.
    • Last year Betrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg took 16 months aboard the Solar Impulse 2 (solar photovoltaic powered).
    A year and a half ago I posted:

         GLOBAL CRUISE 2018:  Any Interest?

    This fantasy has now been delayed until January of 2020.  Any interest?


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