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Monday, June 12, 2017


Well, I'm back, after all that nonsense about an ultimate termination.  I awoke at sunrise.  Note, no one on Waikiki Beach, but surfers off shore:

That's it:  POG drink and miso soup.  I then took my traditional walk across Waikiki Beach, about a four mile round trip:

Not far from the Sheraton, people were walking out, maybe as far as a hundred yards.  I've never seen this before.  Here is this view later from my room:

The view of Waikiki Beach back to the Sheraton:

I then decided to visit the Honolulu Aquarium, located just about across the street from the Zoo.  The City and County of Honolulu manages the zoo, which has lost accreditation.  Terrible.  The aquarium has now been managed by the University of Hawaii from 98 years, so a centennial is coming up.  One thing the UH is good at is the accreditation game.  Colleges, schools and programs many times want to be criticized to increase their budget.  Then we have the C&C of Honolulu, which must be pretty pathetic.

Perhaps the most distinctive inhabitant is a Chambered Nautilus:

Some other photos:

That's an endangered monk seal.   I had another dozen usable shots, but let me next turn to giant clams.  There are more than eight species, and one of them can reach a shell width of 4 feet:

After half an hour, I crossed the street to get closer to Diamond Head:

This whole area is Queen Kapiolani Park, including the zoo.  So here she is:

I walked through the International Marketplace and noticed a new food court at ground level, by Michael Mina:

I dropped by to purchase some food for my very late lunch.  Pizza, then some poke and sashimi:

I took a nap and arrived late for the Pan Pacific Festival parade:

I thought this was one of the more boring parades I've seen, except for that one good looking dancer with coconut brassieres.  I then returned to Yokocho, and more specifically, Beniya, where I had my worst sukiyaki ever:

The only vegetables were gobo (burdock) and mushrooms, with marginal beef.  I complained.  The waiter said I wasn't the first to do so.  They still charged me for the meal.

I then returned to my Waikiki Sheraton room where I took a photo of a spectacular moonrise over Waikiki Beach:


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