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Sunday, June 4, 2017


I sat at my computer this morning and wondered what I wanted to say.  I gazed out at downtown Honolulu on another beautiful day and thought, this is Sunday, I should count my blessings.

Behind me were my orchids still in bloom, so, pardon me, but I took a selfie:

The cattleyas emanate a delicate fragrance.  

I'm 76, a few months from 77, so health is about the only priority.  I again thanked my body for taking care of me through my recent 44-day Global Adventure, for the only two blips were a minor hangnail and I bit my tongue while eating.  Earlier this year I had my Grand Ocean Destiny on the Pride of America.  I spent two weeks this past Fall on my Fabulous Food and Foliage Fantasy, where I visited with Pearl's Gold Koi at Matsumoto Castle.

In August I expanded a trip to Sydney for a football game between the University of Hawaii and the University of California at Berkeley into a 24-day Circle Pacific Adventure.  Here, First Class on Thai Air from Tokyo to Bangkok.

With all this extravagance, I wondered how close I was getting to Michael Bloomberg's ultimate financial wish:  he wants his last check to his undertaker to bounce.  15 Craigside requires an annual financial statement to insure that you can afford to live here.  Sure, they will take care of us until we die, even if we run out of money.  However, you can't give your money to your family or spend too frivolously.  People have been told they can't go to Las Vegas anymore.  In any case, my net worth stayed about the same, which is assurance I can pretty much go on to live life my way (a theme of 15 Craigside) forever. until...

With people here regularly passing away, getting knee replacements and the like, my only concern at this moment is a slight pain in one of my molars when stressed with cold or heat.  I walked 18 holes three times this past week and now have lost 4 pounds of the 6 I gained on that latest trip. I have now pretty much eased out of all the chairmanships I once had at 15 Craigside, and the relief is overwhelming.  I thank those colleagues who took on those tasks.

  • My only close family member, brother Dan in Las Vegas, seems to be doing well in his latest incarnation.  I might drop by this year, and he is scheduled to be here in a few months.
  • My Manoa Campus office is still there.  A few days ago I entertained some Japanese and HNEI colleagues.
  • It will be ten years in a few months since I initiated this daily blog.  Here is my very first posting, on 29April2008.  I might just end that ordeal, except I'm still learning from this experience.  But that is a process that will never end, so perhaps I'll go to my next real book, with THE VENUS SYNDROME, or something related to THE BLUE REVOLUTION.
  • My latest book, PEARL'S ASHES, is being serialized every Wednesday.  I dropped three of those gel caps on Machu Picchu, and am now up to #27.  Ultimately, I will document 50 or more.  Next, Chapter 15, Diamond Head.  
  • It's certainly a blessing that I can golf.  My knees are holding up, as a few months ago, at the Ala Wai Golf Course, I walked 18 holes with a couple on a cart (it had previously rained so hardly anyone else was playing) and we finished in 2 hours 20 minutes.  I just purchased new clubs, so I'll continue playing into the foreseeable future.  My next door neighbor, John, has indicated an interest in returning to golf, so I gave him my old set and bags.  By walking 18 holes twice/week--and it costs me $90/month for the seniors' card, which allows ten rounds--I can eat and drink whatever I want and maintain my weight.  The April issue of Scientific American reported on success with countering Alzheimer's:  exercise, diet and mental stimulation.  No absolutely confirmed perfect pill yet.
  • Future trips?  I'll spend a week on the Big Island later this month to participate in an Okinawa-Hawaii OTEC gathering, perhaps a week during the Fall on the Pride of America to golf on four Hawaiian Islands and maintain hope for a 2020 Global Cruise, where I remain in a search mode for the appropriate individual to share my cabin.
  • I eat 25 of the 90 meals per month in the 15 Craigside dining room, which is a huge waste of money, but the price of freedom to allow me to dine at Vintage Cave and my lanai:
  • I'll leave caring for the poor, indigent, oppressed and the like to others, while I continue to try to Save Planet Earth and Humanity.  My carbon footprint is terrible, and I live too well, but the end is nearing and I still don't believe in an Afterlife.  As such, my life of contradictions is not particularly aiding my cause towards ultimate purification in case I am in Purgatory.  Oh well, in this short time left I seem to have entered a final phase of maximization and optimization that is eminently enjoyable and soul satisfying.


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