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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I left Honolulu on March 26, a Sunday.  I'm returning on Monday, May 8.  Six weeks times seven days plus one day should be 43 days, right?  Wrong!  Remember in Jules Vernes' Around the World in 80 Days?  Phileas Fogg returns home when he thought the 80 day deadline had been missed.  By sheer good faith, Passepartout, though, accidentally learned that they had somehow gained 24 hours by going East.  I went west and lost a calendar day, but my trip took 44 days.  But this different is apparent, and not real.  If you're confused, join the rest of the world.

My flight home began at the United Club, where we had a good snack.  Something has happened to this room, as the food was fresh and service was, perhaps, too good.  My tomato basil soup with salad, nuts and orange drink:

Kenji and Gerry above, and some artwork below:

The California coastline with incoming fog above and Honolulu International Airport arrival below:

When I came home I was greeted by Pearl's sunbursts and my calamansi plants:

But the real surprises were two orchid plants which were budding.  All my life I have never succeeded in having an orchid plant survive in my apartment.  Here, by being away 43 days, two of them began to bloom:

I arrived 15 minutes before my Monday night table began dinner.  We had Cadillac Margarita with a few appetizers, and I ordered a saimin.  Later today, Curtis and Laverne are joining me for lunch here at 15C, for they recently submitted their application to move into this community.  Tonight I join my poker group.

I have yet to weigh myself, but am not particularly concerned, for after a few weeks of walking on a golf course twice/week I'll find a way to lose most of those pounds.  Tomorrow I'll summarize Pat's Global Adventure (PaGA) with the best photos and moments.

There are three ocean storm disturbances, but Tropical Cyclone Donna is beginning weaken in the Coral Sea:


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