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Sunday, May 21, 2017


This is Sunday, reserved by Christians for worship, the only one of the five great religions to do so.  While I'm not terribly pious, I live in a country where 83% are, Christians, that is, so I regularly weave in biblical references into my posting on this day.

It was done in mild jest, but I originally pinpointed 15 Craigside as a Purgatory site.  This allowed me to pontificate on religion in general, a subject of great mystery to me, as elaborated in a full chapter focusing on this topic in my SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity.  Then earlier this year I expanded Purgatory to Planet Earth.  If you are confused about the term purgatory, just click on my links.

So let me start with a healthy breakfast and go on to a sodium-saturated Hawaiian luau set, both on my lanai at 15 Craigside, a particularly hallowed spot in  my Purgatory, maybe even the Gateway:

For lunch yesterday I walked to the Chinese Cultural Plaza for Shanghai Soup Dumplings (known in China as Xiaolongbao) at Fook Lam:

But first, my $1 beer, which was a Steel Reserve at 8.1% ethanol, double the Bud:

This liquor store in the Plaza also sells Betel Nuts, chewed by Bloody Mary.  They are legal in the USA.  $5/package here:

Fook Lam generally serves the best Shanghai Soup Dumplings (last Saturday I went to Lucky Belly to have noodles in soup) in Hawaii, but the interior of the delicacy was somewhat lukewarm yesterday:

If you've never had this before:
  • place the dumpling on a piece of chinese green vegetable unto a large spoon
  • make a hole at the top and pour in a small amount of cognac
  • lay on some chile and sliced ginger-in-vinegar
  • slurp the whole thing into your mouth, first assuring that the temperature is not too hot
Drink the beer to balance the temperature, texture and taste.  I brought my own cognac.  Fook Lam allows you to BYOB.  I should add that my golfing expeditions at Ala Wai have resulted in my losing four of the six pounds I gained on my world adventure, so I rewarded my body by also ordering custard tarts.

On my way back I stopped by Foster Botanical Garden, for they were having a plant sale, meaning they don't charge admission to enter.  So, if you are cheap, as I am sometimes, this is when to visit the park.  Frankly, not much was blooming.  However, there is always an assortment of oddities.

The irony of this all was that the best total scene was back home at 15 Craigside, where Pearl's Gold Tree was blooming:

That's my building in the bottom photo.  And, the most beautiful flowers of the day were in my apartment (yellow orchids just about to bloom):


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