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Saturday, May 27, 2017


Just about a year ago The Huffington Post published an article by William Astore, where I quote:

Trump has the makings of a tyrant.  His approach to the presidency is fundamentally undemocratic.  His statements and behavior suggest if he becomes president he’ll do what he wants and expect others to fall into line, even the U.S. military, which swears its oath to the U.S. Constitution and not to any one leader.  At a time when Congress has abdicated its responsibility to declare war or to check executive warmaking prerogatives, a tyrant like Trump is an especially dangerous prospect as president.

In that contribution entitled What Is So Awful About Donald Trump, Astore lists them all:
  • crass womanizer who brags about his penis
  • bigot who attacks Mexican immigrant and Muslims
  • ignoramus who knows little of foreign policy
  • posturing tough-guy who supports torture
  • serial liar
  • a bully
  • shameless showman who exploits the media while professing to hate it
But we are now familiar with all the above.  Trump's faults will embarrass our Nation, but our country today is so supreme and reasonably unbreakable that we will survive.

You know what was missing?  The environment. Global warming, for example. Could Donald Trump's most consequential blunder be to catalyze the end of the world as we know it?

It was almost a decade ago that my HuffPo was entitled:

Congressional Republican voting on the environment has only continued to decline since then:

A good part of these scores is influenced by who supports your campaign:

Donald Trump is preaching to his choir when he rebuffs attempts to address this issue, for a recent survey showed that only 25% of those who voted for him believe climate change is occurring now and is caused by human activity.  For the record, 90% of Hillary Clinton voters believe human-induced climate change is happening.

No question that many Republicans have a disdain for Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.  Can you believe that movie was released eleven years ago?  Frankly, I thought very highly of Al Gore when he was one of the senators from Tennessee during my three year stint in the U.S. Senate.  I still do, and truly wonder how much better the future health of Planet Earth would be if he had beaten George Younger Bush...and Hillary had won.

But returning to President Trump, have you been keeping up with his Group of 7 discussions in Sicily?  The other six world leaders all are pressuring Trump to reconsider his America first position with respect to climate change.  Sure you need to strengthen your national economy, but we are part of a global society, and we have screwed up our environment.  The time has come to do something now.  The response of Gary D. Cohn, Trump's chief economic advisor at the Italian summit:

     If those things (like the environment) collide, growing our economy is going to win.

Cohn previously served as president of Goldman Sachs, and is now Director of the National Economic Council.

So far, Trump has hired Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Pruitt denies that carbon dioxide causes global warming.

It is a recorded fact that 53 of 100 senators and 232 of 435 house members are CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS!  Senator James Inhofe, who until recently chaired the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, wrote a book:

A surprise to me, but he is no longer chairman because there is something called term limits in the Senate now.  However, the new chairman, John Barrasso of Wyoming, is also a climate denier (extreme right, with Inhofe in the middle).

Say global climate warming is real, for there seems to be around 97% agreement by world scientists on global warming, and that humans are the cause.

If our country in total partnership with the rest of the world takes steps to develop rational solutions, that would be a simple solution.

But leading the USA on this issue are climate deniers, coal lovers and America First bullies.

So what do you think will happen to Planet Earth and Humanity with Donald Trump as President?


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