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Sunday, May 7, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 42 DreamsX3

Once or twice each year I have long and interesting dreams which I remember.  My most memorable was published in The Huffington Post:

It was almost 20 months after my wife had passed away, and halfway though this episode, my mind for the first time finally recognized that she was gone.  This was a colorful, visionary and fanciful script that even today I still remember in every detail.

Almost four years ago, after checking with my doctor, I bought some natural pills that were supposed to both lower your weight and blood sugar level.  Called Garcenia Cambogia, I was able to relive three dreams the first night I took it.  My posting entitled Can You get Vivid Dreams with Garcenia Cambogia last week was my most popular article for several days in a row.  How could the husk of an Indonesian tamarind so affect me?  I then read that GC tends to weaken chest muscles, which I now can't find in the world wide web.  In any case, I threw those pills away and never again went back.

So today I'll have my third dream posting, and I titled it Dreams3X because I had rememberable dreams for three nights in a row on this phase of my journey.  Sure, we all dream and many remember them every night.  I only very rarely can recollect long dreams.  For me this is most exceptional.

Why this is probably happening is because I'm now on Day 42 of Pat's Global Adventure (PaGA), and I'm really exhausted, physically and mentally.  Particularly exacerbating is that I have now been golfing four days in a row on Kenji's Golf Safari, which has been compounded by perhaps an excess of ethanol on the golf course:
  • Day 1:  Merlot wine
  • Day 2:  Gin Martini with blue cheese stuffed green olives
  • Day 3:  Chardonnay wine
  • Day 4:  Margarita (later today, Bloody Mary)
Dream #1 occurred mostly at the University of Hawaii Manoa.  I still maintain an office there, but I'm in my 19th year of retirement and don't provide any keynote addresses anymore at major conferences.  There apparently was something monumental occurring on campus, and the chairman of this gathering was Patrick McGarey, someone I haven't seen for maybe a quarter century.  He was then the legislative director for Congressman, and later, Senator, Daniel Akaka.  They both were hugely helpful in gaining funding for the University of Hawaii.  I checked, and McGarey is currently Associate Director for Finance and Legislation, National Cancer Institute.  I borrowed this photo from his Linked in web site.

I was walking on campus and bumped into Patrick. Dreams being what they are, if was like I was still actively involved with the political system and he asked me if I could do him a big favor by giving the opening speech explaining why the summit was being held, a talk of, perhaps, half an hour. I owed him so much that I accepted.  Before he could explain anything, he disappeared.  I did not know when I had to do this, nor where and had no idea what the subject matter was.

I guess I could have asked someone for further details, for I don't recall even having a smart phone, but, remember, this is a dream, so all I did was get stressed out and wandered around taken-in by the frenetic activities occurring related to this forum.  The kinds of things I observed included:
  • A hula halau, and these were appropriately bulky girls, basically getting punched in the arm (yes, this makes no sense) as they were dancing to a drum beat.  I got too close and almost got hit.  I could feel their pain.
  • I suddenly noticed I wasn't dressed.  I might not have been naked, but something very close to that.
  • I began walking to my campus office because I thought I had at least a sweater in my room.
  • But try getting to where you want to go in your dream.
  • For what seemed like an hour I entered buildings that did not look familiar, and everyone was flitting around really busy in minor panic.  I was just in a daze as I usually am in my dream.
  • Why I don't know, but I decided to talk about the Blue Revolution.
  • Then I remembered someone named Chin Ho, known as the Rockefeller of Hawaii, at an advanced age, giving a speech on a McKinley High School class reunion...except the setting was an energy meeting.  A driver with no staffer took him there and he happened to read the wrong speech.  He seemed senile, which got me worried that I really should determine more accurately what to say.
  • I've forgotten other details, but I finally just woke up.
I've had dreams where I lost my suitcase and awakened to be thankful that was only a dream.  What a relief to learn that this speaking role was not real.

Dream #2 seemed to occur at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and Stanford University.  In dreams, you can illogically move about anywhere in the world.  My wife and I seemed lost, and the Bazaar was very dark.  My mind forgot that she had passed away or was reminiscing.  

I can't recall the transition, but at some point we were in Palo Alto.  As on PaGA Days 34 and 35 I stayed at the Sheraton just off campus, so it's not surprising that there was a link to Stanford.  But suddenly, I was back to my student days, and the reality is that I did not meet her until after I graduated.  Thus, dreams apparently transcend time.  Nothing particularly important happened in this dream that I can remember except everything was dark.

Dream #3:  Not sure where this was, but I think I was very young at home in Kakaako.  Again, this is unusual, for most of my dreams are of me today.  Suddenly there was a large cockroach on a table.  I think the second person in this dream was my mother.  I have a mild form of Katsaridaphobia, which is a fear of cockroaches.  She asked me to quickly find the can of Raid.  Now this would have been impossible because there was no such product when I was young.  Anyway, I picked up this thin red spray can, but the cockroach had disappeared.  The rest of the dream was a sequence of scenes where we warily tried to determine where this fearsome insect went.  It took a long time of careful searching, but I finally got up very tense.  I think people who have nightmares can get heart attacks and strokes because your body reacts to these incidents as if they were real.  Certainly, I've awoken in cold sweat after a dream.  Well, maybe only once in my life, but you see this in films so it must be true.

While I slept well those three nights, last night I couldn't, and am posting this article at 4AM from Vacaville.

I finally did sleep for a while, and, of all the things, had a short loopy dream.  I lived in a small apartment and decided to build a modernistic home for a rat.  It was a two foot diameter concave glass habitat (kind of like this set to the left, but turned over so the top was at the bottom) so I could see through it.  Not sure where I got that thing nor how I attached it to a wall. There was a swinging window just above it so a rat could come in and live.  I placed some water and rat food (not sure what it was).  Lot of holes in this story.  

In my dream I went to sleep and was awakened by a sound.  A large rat had, indeed, come into his/her new home, and the noise was a middle sized gray tabby cat jumping unto the rat, grabbing it and leaping out the window.  I must have actually awakened at the same time, for it occurred to me...what a dumb thing to do:  for a dirty rat that could have brought in bubonic plague.  Also too, cockroaches could have come in.

Tomorrow will be Day #43, and I'll complete details related to Kenji's Golf Safari, for we return to San Francisco later today.  On PaGA Day #44 I return to Honolulu.

Tropical Cyclone Donna is at 95 MPH in the Coral Sea, will strengthen into a Category 3 and at least pass close to New Caledonia:


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