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Monday, May 1, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 36 Donald Trump versus Patrick Takahashi

Today I purchase a whole new set of golf equipment, from shoes to clubs.  But as only a very few out there would be even remotely interested, I thought I'd again match myself  against another luminary.  Today, President Donald Trump.

Two years ago I compared myself with Elon Musk.  I still think he is wasting his money in outer space and will have fatal problems with Tesla and lithium batteries.  I do admire his vision with Neuralink, a company which someday will serve as the interface between your brain and computer storage of your memory.  He intends to plant a device, but I think the more promising path will need to be non-invasive.  This breakthrough is absolutely necessary for eternal life, a chapter in my SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity.

On this Day 102 of Donald Trump's reign as PUS (President of the United States) #45, it seems timely to analyze how two Americans who pretty much grew up in the same era can be so different.  Let me start with wealth.  He refuses to provide any details, but Forbes, Bloomberg and other financial organizations speculated a range from $2 billion to $5 billion, not the more than $10 billion his supporters boast.  Me?  I'm back to a hand to mouth existence.  I pretty much gave everything away when I moved into 15 Craigside, for they have promised to take care of me even if I run out of money.  However, to qualify as a resident, you need to pretty much cover yourself with sufficient income forever, so I have a few dollars available to allow me to annually travel around the world.  I now and then wonder why I donated my apartment to the University of Hawaii to create a Blue Revolution program.

Marital status?  I've been married once, but Pearl passed away eight years ago.  Donald Trump has been married more times than any other president.  Ronald Reagan was our only divorced (once) president, so Donald Trump has twice the divorce rate of the only other PUS.  These are his three wives.  

That link above, incidentally, indicated he: 
  • is a troublemaker
  • owned the defunct Jersey Generals, a pro football team
  • lives in the former home, Mar-a-lago, of Marjorie Merriweather Post
  • while in college enjoyed reading federal foreclosures
  • does not drink alcohol
  • has one of the 2600 stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • won an acting award...not an Oscar, but a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor for his cameo in the 1989 film, Ghosts Can't Do It--click on it, watch his performance
Me?  I've never acted.

Apparently, Donald Trump has authored 17 books.  I did not know that.  However, a couple of his co-authors (or ghosters) are his worst enemies today.  I've only been involved with five books, the first two with co-authors and the final three dealing with SIMPLE SOLUTIONS.  I remain close friends with my co-authors.  

As far as I know, Donald Trump has not posted one article in The Huffington Post.  I've written more than a hundred articles.  One of my books, Simple Solution Essays, is a compilation of some of them.  However, he tweets, and I don't.  My Facebook adventure are minimal.  His The Art of the Deal sold a million copies.  I've probably given away more books than got sold.

  • Never laughs.  I do, all the time.  Is he laughing here?
  • Not only does he not imbibe alcohol, he has never smoked a cigarette.  I now and then have a cigar or smoke a pipe.  Almost every night is a party at 15 Craigside so I do drink too much.
  • A germophobe in the extreme.  He generally won't shake hands, especially with dangerous people like his children's teachers because they touch too many germy kids.  He doesn't touch elevator buttons.  Has never changed a diaper.  But neither have I.
  • Doesn't have any pets.  I've had dogs.  He is the first president in 150 years not to have a pet.
  • Has bizarre ideas about science, sleep and exercise.  He thinks sleep shows weakness.  I pontificate about the importance of sleep.
  • Always wears a suit.  I never
  • Trump unblushingly parades his viciousness.  That's not me.
  • He is not emotionally healthy.  I hope I am.
  • He has a narcissistic personality disorder.  I don't think that's a problem with me.
  • He doesn't have the character to be President.  I'll never be president, though, and he is.
We have opposite views on just about everything important:
  • He thinks global climate change is a hoax.  I happen to think this man-made phenomenon is important enough to begin to at least develop remediation concepts.
  • He wants to build a wall separating us from Mexico.  That is not the solution, which in itself will be expensive.
  • He wants it difficult for Muslims to enter the USA.  Sure you have to be careful, as Japan has been, and you need a workable verification system for anyone entering our country.
  • He hates Obamacare.  While I'm not in love with it, we are a country that should help the less able.
  • He will aggravate racial relations.  Obama tried, but Trump will provoke.
  • Equality will suffer in his presidency.  And we were heading in the right direction.
  • If you add up #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and maybe even #8, that total sum is less than what the U.S. spends on war.  We are the only supreme power left.  We are building up to a dozen naval task forces.  Germany?  Zero.  UK?  Zero.  Russia?  Zero.  China?  One, an abandoned Ukrainian carrier which China refurbished.  Trump?  He wants to increase the defense budget.
  • He loves guns.  I think the Second Amendment is obsolete and should be abandoned.
We do share a few things in common:
  • He thinks that the USA is getting shafted by our friends and enemies on trade agreements.  He is right.  As a have nation we have tended to be too kind.  Changes will occur, and it will be justified, with agony.
  • We golf.  I think he has a 3 handicap.  Multiply that by six for me.
  • He has great hair.  Well, mine is marginal, but still mostly there.
I'm not quite finished with this posting, and will probably add a few more items.  But if not, you get the point that Donald Trump and I are totally different human beings.


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