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Monday, July 23, 2012


Our continuing series of shooting massacres in the USA is troubling.  James Eagen Holmes said he was Joker intruding on Batman, but if so, he must be colorblind, too, as Joker either had normal hair or colored it green.  Want to guess which country's citizens own the highest number of guns/capita?  I'll tell you, the United States.  Here is a list (per person):

    1  USA               0.89
    2  Serbia             0.52
    3.  Yemen           0.55
    7.  Iraq               0.34
  40  Libya              0.16
  42  Australia         0.15
  50  South Africa    0.13
  68  Russia            0.09
  82  Israel              0.07
  90  England          0.06
104 China               0.05
107  Afghanistan     0.05
114  Syria               0.04
142  South Korea    0.01
156  Japan              0.006
169  Tunisia            0.001

Russians have one/tenth the gun ownership and China is closer to one-twentieth.  We have 270 million guns owned by civilians, that's more than one per adult.

Let me think now, why do we need to own a gun?  Ninety percent of Americans are in favor.  Why?  The second amendment of our Constitution says we have the freedom to bear arms.  Yes, but that was almost a quarter millennium ago, when there were Indians and no such thing as reliable police protection.  Under any circumstances, there is absolutely no need for anyone to own an automatic rifle.

In a discussion at the Ala Wai, a person who did not want to be identified indicated to me that he had a simple solution to unnecessary firearms:  eliminate all laws on the books and make gun ownership legal.  Feel free to carry one of these around, even loaded.  HOWEVER, if anyone gets killed with a gun, the shooter automatically gets the death penalty, unless in a jury trial it is found that the cause  was justifiable.  If this person is not caught, but the gun is located, the owner of the gun is terminated.  This will be a good reason for not buying one.  But if you must, the Glock is, indeed, popular:

If an individual is caught with a gun with the serial number rubbed off, that is also grounds for termination.  There were various restrictions mentioned, as for example, you can't bring a weapon on a commercial flight.  Police and military personnel, of course, maintain the current protocol.  What about hunters?  They need to be very, very careful that no one steals one of their firearms, with a fail safe system for instantly alerting the police if this happens.  This concept is one form of gun control.  However, this method only makes it easier for psychopaths to kill more people.

There was an early fear that President Obama would push for some kind of gun legislation, which , ironically, resulted in a surge of arms and bullet buying.  Of course he couldn't even try, for this would be similar to he admitting that there is no God.  Too many Americans are for guns and God. The following shows the historic support for gun control:

In a gift to Obama, though, Joker Holmes might have placed the nails on the Romney candidacy coffin.  Republicans, frankly, are for guns:

Wow, Republicans 72% for Gun Rights and Democrats 27%.  Mitt Romney has continued to flip-flop on gun rights.  The latest is that he was for guns, until last week.  Even Ron Paul is for the National Rifle Association (NRA), as my photo of his campaign headquarters shows:

The NRA spent $40 million during the 2008 elections.  Guess who they were condemning?  I wonder what they will do this year?  They have a membership of 4.3 million, so only ten bucks/person can continue their campaign.  Annual dues are $35.


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