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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


In the first three matches of the London Olympics, women's football (also known as soccer in the U.S.) results were Great Britain 1 - New Zealand 0, Japan 2 - Canada 1 and the USA 4 - France 2.  France zoomed to a 2-0 lead at the beginning, which in this game is usually sufficient (note the other two scores).  However, our women, favorites for the gold, came back.  Previously, the French team had won 17 straight games and barely lost to the U.S. in the 2011 World Cup semifinals, where Japan beat the U.S. in the finals.  Interesting that this game was played in Scotland (Glasgow), so these are not the London Olympics, but the United Kingdom Olympics.  Also interesting that the local team is from Great Britain.  Tennis is being held at Wimbledon, which is in Greater London.

Terms are not the same, as if you look for Track and Field, you won't find it.  Here, and the rest of the world, the correct appellation is Athletics.  However, all other events are as you know them.

I tested my 3D capability today, and noted that channel 1202 is devoted to this technology.  I had to go through some intricate button pushing, but got my system to televise in 3D.  You need a 3D TV to make this work.  The first event will be the Opening Ceremonies at 10AM Friday morning Hawaii time (4PM New York), and it will be shown in 3D.  That's Danny Boyle in middle, who has a $42 million budget to showcase the country.  The cost of the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing four years ago was more than $100 million, so don't look for too many fireworks.

Swimming will be in 3D, and the Michael Phelps - Ryan Lochte rivalry will dominate.  Phelps needs three golds to pass the 16 of Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina.  He vowed to retire after London.  There is another swimming personality who has size 13 feet, with a 76 inch wingspan, and is known as Missy the Missile.  After these olympics, she will return to her senior year of high school in, of all the places, Aurora, Colorado.  Missy Franklin will swim in 7 events, same as Phelps.


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