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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


First Round Group E

Millennium Stadium Day -2: Wednesday, July 25
Great Britain
Start Time
New Zealand

Yes, Great Britain plays New Zealand in women's football (soccer) at 4PM London time on Wednesday, 25July2012, which is 5AM Hawaii time or 11AM New York time or midnight in Japan tonight.  USA's women take on France, beginning at 5PM London (6AM Hawaii/Noon New York).    We are favored for the gold.

NBC Universal will stream all 32 sports and more than 3500 hours, including every one of 302 medal ceremonies.  Most of you subscribe to some cable system, which means you can watch all nine channels.  Remember, NBC includes MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo and Telemundo.  Apps are free on iOS and Android devices, and viewing is free if you can verify that your cable system includes these NBC channels.

For those with 3-D capability, there will be a dedicated channel offering 240 hours of coverage.  The opening (estimated 4 billion people will be watching this) and closing ceremonies, plus, gymnastics, swimming, bicycle racing and track & field will be featured.

Ever wondered what those medals are worth?  While the 1912 gold medal was pure gold and was valued at $1250, the 2012 gold medal will be 17 times heavier, weighing a hefty 14 ounces, almost a pound (which is 16 ounces).  Unfortunately, the medal is made of silver and is only gold plated, thus the value is less than $750.  Note that the silver is, then, worth more than the gold in a gold medal.  The real value of this award, though, is much more, as Wladimir Klitsko, the 1996 heavyweight boxing gold champion, raised $1 million for charity by auctioning off his medal earlier this year.  In 2008, China won 51 gold medals to 36 for the USA, but we won a total of 110 medals to China's 100.  Russia was #3.

Finally, for today, the matter of security.  The Beijing Olympics four years ago cost $6.5 billion, just for security.  They had 110,000 personnel just for this purpose.  In London, there will be 17,000 athletes from 204 countries and 11 million spectators.  There will be approximately 40,000 security people, including 3,500 from the military.  With all the brouhaha and panic, the cost of security this year will be less than $1 billion.  Total cost?  Perhaps $15 billion.  There will be all kinds of carping and acrimony about this expenditure.  Howerver, China spent a total of up to $44 billion in 2008 for their Olympics, although another estimate was $58.5 billion.  It is difficult to determine actual cost because much of the spending on these olympics go towards transport and venues that will be used for many decades.


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