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Saturday, July 21, 2012


It was another great day for me in Hawaii.  First, I walked 18 holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course.  Then, I joined my brother Stan's family for traditional (meaning at least 30 years old) Hawaiian music at House Without a Key (HWAK), a root site for this blog, because my photo above was taken here.  Ann and Stan lead a ukelele/hula ohana in Southern California, while Anita is the lead singer and Warren the lead everything for a band (maybe not the appropriate term, but they are part time entertainers).   Charlie Chan was associated with this bar.  Who is he?  Click on Charlie Chan in Honolulu.   Below, nephew Warren with his wife Anita:

Part of our family (they are from Santa Paula and Oxnard):

To my left, Ann, Stan, Anita and Warren.  We had a long chat with Miss Hawaii 2011, Lauren Cheape, who is now a featured hula dancer at HWAK:

She is a 6th generation local, and is running for the Hawaii State Legislature.  So she is on the Republican ticket in Hawaii, where only 14% in the House are Republicans.  But this is a new district and I would vote for her, as she is a University of Hawaii graduate and has incredible people (and dancing) skills.  I see a long bright future for her, but not necessarily in politics.

We then went across the street for dinner at Nobu's.  I should have taken photos of the grand assortment of Japanese fusion dishes, but take my word that the meal was fabulous.


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