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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 37 Palo Alto to San Francisco

My final dinner in Palo Alto was a Kirk's hamburger.  There were no MacDonald's in my undergraduate days, and Kirk's was all there was.  One of the attractions was that you could create your own add-ons.  Still an attraction:

You can put together a whole salad:

The next morning, Caltrain to Millbrae:

Then BART to San Bruno, where I walked to Golf Mart (which is linked to Roger Dunn's):

That golf bag holds my new Callaway clubs.  I'll unveil them when I first golf in two days.  I paid around three times more than expected, but, the total cost was only around ten days of travel.

Caught a taxi to the Four Points Sheraton:

Just as I walked into my room I got a call from David Block, who just came in from Florida to join us for golf.  We decided to catch BART into San Francisco for lunch:

Tadich has been a tradition for me since my Stanford days.  We both had their cod:

Dave directed the Florida Solar Energy Center for more than a third of a century, passed on that responsibility about a decade ago, and has pretty much finally decided to retire in August.  One more year and he would have served 50 years for Central Florida University, now the second largest campus in the USA.  When we first met, the University of Hawaii was twice the size of CFU.  Today, CFU has three times more students than the UH.

We walked around San Francisco to the Ferry Building:

Bought some truffle oil at this mushroom shop.  Outside, my Blue Bar Pigeon welcomed us to San Francisco Bay:

Tomorrow we get picked up by Kenji Sumida for five straight days of golf in the Napa area.


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