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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Yesterday (scroll down to next posting) I summarized the Japan portion of Pat's Global Adventure.  I was planning to complete the photo review today, but let me do that tomorrow.  My Body was so effective in maintaining my health that I rewarded it with five of my favorite meals, four on my lanai  (pink showers are now in bloom around the building) and one at Magic Island.

I love ham and eggs over rice with tsukemono (I have developed a high tech technique) and rakkyo, with beer and green tea.  I drink Mickey's because I never finish the bottle and cap the top for future use.  My 15 Craigside lanai is a tranquil spot for a quiet meal.

For lunch I went to Don Quixote and ordered a beef stew and chicken nishime bento, which I had with the remainder of the Mickey's at Magic Island with Diamond Head in the background:

There are always wedding photos being taken here.  I then drove to J-Shop and bought almost a pound of Shizuoka Wagyu Beef and a plate of marlin sashimi, supplemented by a Kirin beer and hot sake, for dinner:

Then, a Portuguese sausage and eggs breakfast on my lanai:

My herb garden did not do well in my absence, so I start again:

By the way, I on many Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays have such a huge breakfast because I many times go on to walk on a golf course.  I can't do this after just  have a large meal, so I do it early.  Then, on the course, I typically have just this lunch:

I then completed my tribute to My Body by having the following for dinner:

The garlic, mushrooms and onion saute' in butter was enhanced by some black truffles oil.  Tomato soup with spinach and broccoli, Stanford Chardonnay, Castello blue cheese, Guinness potato chips and academia nuts.  This was one of  my minor extravagancies, for I bought this tiny bottle at the SFO Ferry Building shopping area:

You ask, why did I waste my free meals at 15 Craigside, which have a daily value of almost $60, and pay more than a hundred dollars to mostly cook my own meals and wash the dishes?  It has something to do with the riddle of life mentioned yesterday, and the freedom to do whatever I want.  The theme here is to live life our own way.

Tomorrow I complete the photo summary of Pat's Global Adventure.


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