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Saturday, May 6, 2017

PaGA 2017: Day 41 Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo has generally been dismissed as a minor Mexican victory over France on this day in 1862, and only celebrated in the USA.  Turns out this day is a lot more consequential, and it is only appropriate that we treat May 5 as important, for if Mexico had lost, France would have gone to the aid of the Confederacy in the Civil War, and, then, who knows were we would be today.  Mexico actually celebrates Independence Day on September 16, but May 5 nevertheless is a day when Mexican schools have a day off.

The early Chicano Movement might have initiated activity on May 5 as early in the 1940's, but the reality is that there is no true historical relevance in the USA, for Cinco de Mayo really began to become  ritualized in the '80's when beer companies promoted this day to honor Mexican heritage.  Thus, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and San Jose beer drinkers started the campaign.  Two decades ago you could count 120 official events in 21 states, expanding to 150  ten years later.  Canada and the Caribbean drink a lot on this day, while Osaka and Tokyo hold events in recognition of Latin American Culture.  California is #1, with Los Angeles particularly celebratory, but San Francisco is catching up.

Cinco de Mayo means Margarita, made from tequila, which comes from fermenting Blue Agave, a cactus that has extremely high concentrations of fructose, which is is the worst possible natural sugar for you.  I won't going details here,  but you want to avoid fructose whenever possible.  Read this.  I haven't been able to determine, however, how much fructose is actually left in the finished tequila product.

In any case, I love Margheritas, and have decided to tolerate the terribleness of fructose.  Kenji and Gerry went to wash clothes, so David and I went into Vacaville town to have our traditional Mexican dinner.  To the left, Dave at Los Reyes.  Below what we ate and drank:

Dave's dish was as large as it looks.  I had two open faced crispy tacos, with a side order of sizzling onions and mushrooms.  That hot sauce almost killed us.  The Margarita was terrific.

There was entertainment in the square.  We then went to pick up Kenji and Gerry, but they decided to just return to their hotel.  Kind of a weak Cinco de Mayo.

Tropical Cyclone Donna is a 105 MPH and will strengthen before threatening New Caledonia:



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