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Sunday, August 30, 2015


The endowment of my apartment to the University of Hawaii just got fully signed this past week, and I received this copy:

You might need to enlarge to read it.

The University of Hawaii Foundation (UHF) recently met with advisors of Blue Revolution Hawaii (BRH--has copyrighted the term, BLUE REVOLUTION) to determine how best we could work together to find cost-matching, leading eventually to our stated goal of securing $1.5 billion for the Pacific International Ocean Station (PIOS), the first monumental step towards the Blue Revolution.  That torus, or donut-shaped floating platform, would be PIOS, although the ultimate shape might be the following:

Decades ago I advanced these spiral concepts, for they can forever be expanded.  A circular shape seems sensible to withstand hurricane conditions, allowing ships to be protected and platform stability to be maximized.

While much of the discussion between the UHF and BRH focused on the traditional fund-raising methodologies, BRH introduced the opportunities stakeholders might gain through active partnerships.  The University of Hawaii seems flexible enough to embrace such innovative financing mechanisms.

In parallel, we will pursue the involvement of enlightened billionaires seeking a legacy.  How much more gratifying can it be than developing the next frontier for economic development by harvesting the sustainable resources of the ocean in harmony with the natural marine environment, while maintaining the spirit of the moana?  Even better, it is possible that the ocean thermal energy conversion process might well enhance Planet Earth for Humanity by preventing the formation of hurricanes and remediating global climate warming.

There are six ocean storms:  

From the left is Hurricane Kilo, now at 140 MPH, having eased pass Hawaii to the south last week:

But, yikes, Hurrican Ignaciio is also up to 140 MPH, and heading our way.  However, most computer models have him moving slightly north of the Hawaiian Islands:

Yet, there is at least one track that goes right over my apartment.

Right behind is Hurricane Jimena, only at 135 MPH:

While current projections seem to suggest a similar path as Ignacio's, it's a bit too early to feel comfortable.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Fred has formed off Africa, and will become a hurricane.  However, all signs show a weakening as Fred approaches the Caribbean:


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