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Monday, August 31, 2015


In the growing tradition of reverting to cultural tradition,  Interior Secretary Sally Jewell signed an order renaming Mount McKinley (at 20,237 feet, the tallest peak in North America--the Andes reaches 22,841 feet) to Denali, (not Mount Denali), the Koyukon Athabaskan (also can be spelled Athabascan, of which there are supposedly 53 different languages) term for "the  high one."  All this in preparation for President Barack Obama's trip to Alaska this week.  While Republicans have historically been against the change, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski more recently had acquiesced.  

However, Speaker of the House John Boehner and his Republican delegation from Ohio are deeply disappointed.  Why?  President William McKinley is from Ohio, and every two years some congressional Republican has introduced legislation to keep the Mt. McKinley name.  Actually, President McKinley not once visited Alaska.  However, it's possible that some legislation might actually be introduced to settle this matter, and my gut feeling is that if this happens, Denali will prevail, for Republicans are at this moment in time hesitant about being labeled anti-Eskimo.  So political logic will probably prevail and the Republicans will just quietly only mumble regret.

Okay, then, since I went to McKinley High School, which had an original name in 1865 of the Fort Street English Day School, what about some reversion here?  Well, forget Fort Street English Day   Ah, but in 1895, there was a grand change to Honolulu High School.  That is worth a re-look.  Daniel K. Inouye High School?  Hmmm....  He did graduate from McKinley.

The country where wholesale changes were made is India.  After gaining independence in 1947 from British imperialism, some of the more notable adjustments were:
  • Mumbai (1995, I was last in this city when it was called Bombay)
  • Chennai (1996, I remember Madras shirts)
  • Tamil Nadu (1969, once the State of Madras)
  • Kolkata (2001, Calcutta)
Still to come:  Bhagya Nagararn for Hyderabad.

Hurricane Ignacio at 110 MPH appears to be easing by the Hawaiian Islands:

But Jimena is now a SUPER HURRICANE at 150 MPH!!!

However, all signs show some weakening and a turn north:

I show Hurricane Kilo because last week it was just south of us, also turned north, but sufficiently west of Hawaii:

Are we just lucky, or are our tall volcanoes diverting these ocean storms?  Hard to believe that no hurricane has yet been recorded to make landfall over the Big Island of Hawaii.


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