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Monday, August 10, 2015


This blog site has evolved from a renewable energy / climate change portal to, well, anything.  It has become my life journal for posterity.  That symbol on the right has been used for all my recent books.  Read the details from my posting of seven years ago.

Life is generally good, but hardly perfect.  A few days ago, for example, all at once:
  • I seemed to have caught a cold, or, at least an allergy which resulted in post-nasal drip and a lot of coughing.
  • I was losing at poker, went to the restroom, and felt a piece of my filling in my mouth.  This eventually resulted in a process of capping that tooth, which which will take three separate trips.  I've come to a conclusion that more than 90% of the physical pain I annually suffer, occurs in my dentist's office.  Plus the dental plan does not really pay for much.  Yet, I can only be thankful that someone is keeping me functioning.
  • I started my car and one of the icons showed the tire pressure was too low...with a huge red exclamation point (!).
  • My iPhone lost all my iTunes.  I still haven't figured out a way to restore them.  The Apple geniuses said go back home and hook the phone to your desk top and all should be well.  Nope, that did not work.  Next?
  • I got the call you fear.  My older brother living in Las Vegas was close to the end.  At one time he was the #1 marine structural engineer in the world.  I owe a lot of what I've become to him.  So off I am to LV in ta day and a half.
Next week I spend some time on the Big Island for a conjunction of ocean thermal energy conversion activities.  Then, in a little more than a month, my final global adventure.

Fantastic Four and Ricki and the Flash flopped this weekend.  I went to two other films yesterday:
  • #1 for the week, Mission Impossible:  Rogue Nation.  If you want to travel by media, this series takes you all over Planet Earth:  London, Vienna, Casablanca (plus Rabat), Monaco, and Vienna, among the stops.  The female lead is Rebecca Ferguson, a 33 year old Swedish actress, who you will next see in Florence Foster Jenkins, with Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz on TV).  Florence Foster Jenkins (in real life), incidentally, has been labeled by critics as the world's worst soprano.  I dare you to click on that link.  I guess Meryl Streep will try to make-up for being Ricki.  Rotten Tomatoes gave Rogue Nation excellent 93% (reviewers) and 91% (audience) ratings.   And, yes, there will be a sixth MI.
  • Vacation, given 25% and 59% ratings by Rotten Tomatoes, the less said the better, although in week 2 it did end up #4 this weekend.  The original in 1983 was National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase.  The 2015 version was National Lampoon's seventh vacation.  Actually, there were moments, here and there, that I found entertaining.
Tonight, our Monday Night Table returns to Air Force One, the drink that drew the most comments from our residents.

Hilda remains a hurricane at a strong 90 MPH, but should weaken and pass over South Point on Friday:

However, you gaze at the possible options, and can only wonder where she will go:


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