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Sunday, August 16, 2015


We have a photography club at 15 Craigside.  I just joined so don't know the history, but Irene (who came here from Arcadia, our sister center) seems to be in charge.  Our advisor is Scott, from the Honolulu Museum of Art, once known as the Honolulu Academy of Arts.  Opening in 1927, the museum has more than 50,000 works of art, certainly one of the largest Asian/Pan-Pacific collections in the U.S.  In the 1970's I lived across the street in yet another penthouse.

The photography club, I would think, is largely responsible for our first biannual photography and arts exhibit, which will be held here on August 28.  I have a series of photos to be displayed as a tribute to Pearl.

But today, our project is the Honolulu Zoo.  I have a tendency to visit zoos and aquaria throughout the world.  Yes, I too feel a bit troubled about keeping anything inside a cage or tank, but nevertheless try to look at the positives, for my boycott will not change anything.

The largest zoo in the world is located in Berlin, with 1500 species and 20,500 animals on 87 acres.  The noted San Diego Zoo, for example, is only rated #10, and has 650 species on 100 acres.  What I remember most about the Berlin Zoological Garden, and sadly so, is a gigantic snake, that lives in a tiny concrete room with a glass wall, and has been there for its lifetime.  Sort of like 15 Craigside, where they feed and care for us in a largely sterile environment.  But at least we can go to the zoo.

Our zoo has 47 acres and is located on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki on the grounds of the 300-acre Queen Kapiolani Park.  In comparison, the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus sits on 320 acres.  Originally with a few animals from 1914, the zoo officially came to be with a fortuitous purchase of an elephant in 1916.  Thus the Honolulu Zoo is in its 100th year!

Here are a few photos:

About a hunded yards to the right of the front entrance is an art exhibit, where artists are attempting to sell their creations.  I took a photo and was chastized, so the two you see here are prohibited photos.  I remarked, with that kind of attitude, no wonder you're not selling anything.  Ten artists, 50 yards of paintings and photos on the fence, and I was only among three customers.  I could have helped them advertise their creations:

Typhoon Goni will strengthen into a Category 4 and head for southern Taiwan:

Same for Typhoon Atsani, which will also become a Category 4, but instead, move towards Japan:


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